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You and your customers or patients deserve quality and efficiency at every level. Wilkins Linen is always looking for ways to give you nothing but the very best quality in the most efficient way. We offer high-quality linens, free pick-up and delivery, and premium customer service. And, our excellent service just got a little better with the purchase of a new linen counting machine! That means better linen services for you, and here’s how:

The Benefits of a Linen Counting Machine

The investment in a counting machine is a sign of Wilkins’ commitment to providing you with the very best linen services and materials. Improving our process efficiencies means we are able to offer even higher value at the same quality our clients have come to expect.

Better Sorting

Instead of sorting laundry by hand with a crew of people, each piece of laundry is tagged and read by a machine. The software then identifies each piece and directs it to its proper area where a person directs it to its final destination. This process is faster and less costly than complete manual sorting.

Better Accuracy

With each piece of laundry tagged and identified, the software can also keep more accurate records including all customer information, loan date, due date, and specific linen information. This will make possible a client database that can be used to provide a more accurate estimate of linen availability.

Better Records

Not only will this allow for better customer rental records, but also more accurate wash count records. Keeping track of the laundry wash cycle per garment helps estimate how long each linen will last. Repeated high-powered wash cycles will eventually wear or fray most linens. A linen counting machine allows for more efficient inventory maintenance.

Better Visibility

Maintaining a digital database of linens provides complete inventory transparency. This allows for better planning, more efficient general operations, and reduces the likelihood of loss or stolen linens. Tags on linens also allow inventory to be taken more easily and more often, reducing or eliminating delays due to inaccurate inventory.

Better Information

A linen counting machine allows the linen provider to track all data regarding clients and linens. This data can then be documented and used to learn more about customer preferences and linen popularity. Analyzing trends and usage helps the linen provider improve products, services, and inventory.

Wilkins Linen Is Always Better

By investing in a linen counting machine, Wilkins Linens reconfirms our commitment to bring you the best service and materials. We continually seek to keep our materials, processes, and equipment at the top of the industry to provide you the best value you can trust. For more information on our linen rental services, commercial laundry services, and pick-up and delivery for Houston area business, Contact Us today!


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