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Healthcare Bath Towels

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The bath towels used in your business should be professional-grade and always soft and fresh. For hospitality businesses, few materials have sway over a customer’s experience like the bath towels they use. For healthcare facilities, bath towels are a vital tool in a patient’s treatment. In either case, bath towel quality must be superb, and their care must be professional. Any less presents unnecessary risks. 

Wilkins Linen offers towels of the quality necessary for customer satisfaction and the professional care required to maintain it. 

Wilkins Linen Has the Bath Towels Your Medical Facility Needs!

Wilkins has 50 years of experience providing the healthcare industry with high-quality bath towels. Our products stand out in a crowded field of competition because they are: 


Wilkins takes pride in our commercial laundry facilities and their exhaustive cleaning process. We effectively remove all stains, chemicals, bacteria, or other contaminants to ensure that our clients always have linens not only good enough but perfect for their industry. Additionally, we comply with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) regulations in our processes.


We thoroughly test our bath towels for their ability to withstand the worst imaginable conditions. On top of that, we maintain them ourselves in our commercial laundry facilities. Our experienced specialists repair everything they can and replace what they can’t so clients have the highest quality products at all times.


Supply chain disruptions don’t affect our clients because, no matter what, we always ensure they are stocked with what they need to succeed. The sustainable nature of our products ensures steady access to every bath towel or other linen product while maintaining their long-lasting integrity ourselves.

Get Industry-Leading Bath Towels from Wilkins!

Wilkins has your medical practice covered when it comes to bath towels. Our clean, durable, and plentiful stock is ready to meet the highest standards of the healthcare industry. And you can start today! Call us at 1-866-WILKINS or fill out this form for more information on our products and services.

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