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Psych Gowns

Psych Gowns

A stay at the hospital, no matter how long or short, brings with it some level of worry and uncertainty. When dealing with psychiatric facilities, ensuring peace of mind through excellence at every step is imperative to recovery. Wilkins plays a vital role in bringing the comfort psychiatric patients deserve with quality psych gowns designed to protect the patient and accelerate recovery.

Psych Gowns

Why Wilkins Linen?

We specialize in a wide range of linens and garments that raise the bar in what we define as excellence in the chain of care in the healthcare industry. Through our unmatched products and services, we back our reputation as the premier provider of high-quality medical linens in Houston.

Ease of Use

Psych gowns from Wilkins Linen sport durable and easy-to-clean blends of polyester and cotton designed to withstand the ebbs and flows of mental health facilities. This provides a soft and comfortable feel for the wearer while resisting stains and wear and tear. Wilkins Linen psych gowns are easy to put on and take off. That’s a credit to our slip-on design that does away with pesky buttons and snaps. This makes them ideal for patients with mobility issues or those experiencing anxiety or agitation.

Preserving Dignity

In addition to being easy to care for, psych gowns from Wilkins Linen honor the patient’s dignity and privacy. The gowns have full-length sleeves and a modest neckline. This design helps to ensure that the patient’s body is fully covered, shielding them from unpredictable messes while allowing them to move freely and comfortably.


Wilkins psych gowns offer the warm embrace patients crave in a potentially volatile time. We’re proud to influence the chain of care the best way we know how. Through exceptionally crafted threads that communicate our commitment to patient well-being. No matter your facility, our patient gowns adapt to any context with an appearance fit for any scenario.

Full Service

Streamlined deliveries, advanced inventory management systems, industrial laundering, repairs/replacements, and a first-class customer service team ensure your employees and patients are equipped with the tools that promote recovery and optimal performance and relieve headaches with real solutions.

Call Wilkins Linen Today!

Psych gowns from Wilkins Linen are the #1 choice for patients. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, or healthcare professional, trust Wilkins Linen to ensure that your healthcare personnel and patients experience unwavering quality that reflects the care you extend to your patients. Call us at 1-866-945-5467, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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