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Wet Mops

Wet Mops for Healthcare

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The staff in medical facilities are often so fixated on keeping patients safe and clean that they forget about the floors. Floor care is essential to the overall sanitation of a healthcare facility. Some of the best tools out there for optimal floor cleanliness are wet mops. However, not just any mop with suffice in a medical setting. Patients and staff deserve the safety and hygiene that only high-quality mop suppliers can provide.

Wilkins Linen Offers the Most Reliable Wet Mops in Texas!

If sanitation is the goal, Wilkins Linen’s 7 decades of mop service experience is the solution! Our wet mops are unique because they are:


Wilkins’ wet mops will withstand continued use and heavy cleaning in even the harshest environments. They are designed with durable materials that efficiently clean floors and hold up while doing it. This way, our clients get the best bang for their buck and ensure continued access to the mops they need.


Our wet mops thoroughly absorb liquids and are effective against messes of all kinds in healthcare settings. They will absorb blood, vomit, chemicals, or other fluids more commonly seen in medical facilities. On top of contagions and fluids, our mops easily clean away dirt and grime that builds up due to heavy traffic and outside weather.


Wilkins maintains every mop ourselves as part of our mop service agreement. We replace mop heads, clean away contagions and other contaminants, and sanitize every item before returning it to our clients. Regular maintenance prevents cross-contamination and that every mop is always working as intended. Thanks to our efforts, our clients can focus more on saving lives and less on ensuring they have the tools they need.

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Wilkins Linen is the floor care partner your Texas medical practice needs! Order wet mops today by calling us at 1-866-945-5467. If you’re interested in our other medical or facility cleanliness products, click here!

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