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Hospitality Services


Our Hospitality Services

At Wilkins, we appreciate the stressful and busy schedules of those who own and manage commercial food service operations. Our Hospitality Services are here to help make your job easier so you can focus more on serving delicious dishes to your customers. Restaurants, catering businesses, and country clubs don’t have the time worry about their linens or other hospitality products, such as personal sanitary soap. They need someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and provides quality products and services at the right prices. We offer the following Hospitality Services:

  • Full service shop – we have a wide range of products so you won’t have to shop elsewhere for those hard-to-find items. We provide back of the house products: wiping towels, floor mats, wet mops, safety products, and aprons. We also have front of the house items: napkins, table cloths, and wine glass towels.
  • Custom solutions – if your restaurant or catering business has unique requirements, we offer a program to meet all of your company’s specific needs.
  • Customer service – to make sure you receive your products in a timely manner, we offer delivery and pick up five days a week, and to make our services more convenient, we will supply you with all the products you need, pick up soiled items, and deliver clean, fresh, sanitary wrapped linens on a weekly basis.

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About Us

Family owned by David and Connie Friday, Wilkins Linen and Dust Control Service has been a full service linen company in the Houston area since 1952.
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