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Operating Room Towels

OR Towels

Healthcare Linen Service
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Operations in medical facilities should have access to high-quality, reliably clean operating room towels at all times. Wilkin’s healthcare linen service can provide them. 

Your Best Source of Operating Room (OR) Towels in Texas

Wilkins Linen makes sure that every aspect of your OR towel service meets the highest industry standards for product quality, maintenance, and efficiency:

Engineered for Functionality

Our team of healthcare linen experts personally selects each of our OR towels to ensure their safety, functionality, and suitability for your surgical needs. Each towel is safe to use and meets the highest standards set for reusable surgical textiles. We create each with low linting, high absorbency, and zero color-bleeding problems.

Maintained for Optimum Safety

Wilkins Linen’s tried-and-tested medical laundry service gives you the best guarantee of safety for your OR towels. Our processes are up to par with the highest hygiene standards to support your facility’s infection control procedures and ensure the safety of your patients and medical team. From pickups to deliveries, to packaging and handling, Wilkins ensures the safety of each of your products.

Delivered for Your Convenience and Security

Wilkins makes sure that your facility is safe from OR towel supply shortages. Our linen management and delivery services are designed to ensure the timely, accurate, and secure delivery of your OR towels.

Wilkins: Guaranteed Clean, Guaranteed Safe

Wilkins has been the trusted healthcare linen expert in Texas for more than 60 years. Our decades in the industry and our proven track record for consistent quality ensure that your linens always meet your needs.

Don’t let your linens take you away from the core of your operations: your patients. Save time, save money, and say goodbye to healthcare linen hassles with solutions from Wilkins today!

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For Texas OR towels and more, call Wilkins Linen at 1-866-WILKINS or reach out to us here to learn more about your service options.

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