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Take a walk around your facility and take note of what you see. Does every inch look spotless? Or do you notice dust buildup on countertops, curtains, and walkways? If the latter is true, your facility likely isn’t being maintained often enough. To continually have a clean facility, staff should dust, mop, and vacuum every day.  

How Do You Maintain A Clean Facility For a Lifetime?

In order to keep a clean facility that is always in tip-top shape, your staff needs to meet some basic, yet imperative guidelines. Start with these 4 dust control management tips today!

Need a little push in the right direction towards a spotless facility? We have you covered with these 4 essential dust control tips! Share on X
  1. Keep Clean Linens
  2. Place a Floor Mat at Every Entrance & Exit
  3. Wipe Down Surfaces and Vacuum Regularly
  4. Use Flat Microfiber Mops

1) Keep Your Linens Clean

Dust control isn’t only about vacuuming and dusting off surfaces. Freshly laundered linens can also help you maintain a clean facility. Save time and costly dollars associated with laundry equipment by hiring a local linen company who can pick up, clean, press, and deliver all of your commercial linen products.   

2) Place a Floor Mat at Every Entrance & Exit

Do you know how much dirt and dust is brought into a facility solely from shoes? It’s a lot — probably more than you realize. But, there is a simple solution to this inevitable situation — floor mats. As part of your facility management products, your business should have a combination of these types of floor mats at every single entrance and exit:

  • Generic mats
  • Branded mats with company logo
  • Generic outdoor scraper mats
  • Branded outdoor mats with company logo

3) Wipe Down Surfaces and Vacuum Regularly

While it may seem like a no-brainer, your staff should regularly vacuum carpets throughout the entire facility and wipe down every surface. This includes countertops, cabinets, tables, chairs, windows, and everything in between.

Pro tip: Choose a linen management company that offers full facility services like wide-ranging products, exceptional customer service, timely delivery, and custom solutions for your business.

4) Use Flat Microfiber Mops

You have likely heard about microfiber mops, but what’s all the hype about? To start, they clean more efficiently than regular cotton string or sponge mops because they can almost completely eliminate cross-contamination during the cleaning process. As a medical facility that has to comply with certain regulations, microfiber mops are one of the best healthcare products to purchase.

Did you know that microfiber mops can hold up to 6 times their weight in water? It’s just one more way your facility can save water and use environmentally-conscious resources.

Wilkins Linen Can Meet Your Facility Requirements

Maintain a clean facility with products from a professional and local provider who can meet your industry requirements. Wilkins Linen is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, timely delivery, and clean linen solutions.

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