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Is there anything better than getting floor mat services for your business? Yes, yes there is. It’s getting your floor mat rental service from Wilkins Linen! With our proven expertise in mat services and our drive to satisfy our customers completely, there’s so much to gain from Wilkins’ mat rental service.

Here’s what you can expect from our mat services:

Cleanliness Through Mat Service

The right floor mats can make all the difference in how clean your floors stay. Wilkins’ floor mat services makes clean floors even better! Our floor mat rental service provides high-quality floor mats with replacement and maintenance services for cleanliness and consistency. As a result, your floor mats remain effective at and safe.

And because your floors are protected from soil, moisture, and heavy foot traffic, your floors stay clean. Additionally, they maintain their good condition for much longer.

Mat Service Improves Safety

Safety remains one of the most crucial elements to your floor mat use. Wilkins’ mat service ensures quality and safety. Our professional maintenance services preserve the safety and high-traction features for far longer than in-house or non-professionally maintained mats.

Because of our training and expertise, we can spot early signs of wear and tear that could lower the quality and safety of your floor mats faster than you would have on your own. We take these small signs seriously and leave nothing to chance. When our mats do wear beyond repair, they’re replaced before they can cause problems.


Our mat rental service helps keep the cost of your floor mat needs down. Mat rental enables you to avoid the full costs of mat ownership. Additionally, mat rental come with maintenance and regular cleaning. Not only do you get mats of the right quality, but they’re also always clean.

With Wilkins, you don’t lose a single second of business or leisure mat ownership would require. No scrubbing away dirt and grime, no lost time and money.

Convenience is one of the many benefits that accompany mat service by Wilkins that you get from working with Wilkins on your floor mat supply and care needs make our rental service ultimately the more affordable option for your business.


Automatic cleaning. Automatic replacement. Better protection for your floors. All that’s happening while you’re knee-deep in running your business and keeping your customers happy. That’s what Wilkins can bring to your business. Wilkins’ high-quality products and top-notch maintenance services keep floor cleaning needs at a minimum. Additionally, they ensure your floor care needs never come between you and your business. If that’s not efficiency and value, what is?

Get Started With Floor Mat Service Today!

For more information on our floor mat services, contact us today at 1(866) WILKINS or email us at info@wilkinslinen.com to get started. 

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