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As we navigate our busy workdays, dust control may not top our list of priorities. However, this often overlooked aspect plays an important role in fostering a healthy, comfortable, and efficient workplace. Dust particles, if left uncontrolled, pose health risks and impact overall productivity. Wilkins Linen emphasizes the importance of dust control in your workplace with industry-leading products, services, and knowledge of our industry.

First Line of Defense

Among the dust control products offered by Wilkins Linen, dust mops stand as an indispensable tool. Unlike standard mops, dust mops efficiently trap and hold dust particles. Using these high-quality mops regularly ensures dust is removed, significantly improving the air quality in your workspace. A dust-free workspace offers a much more visually appealing environment for both employees and visitors.

Floor Mats: Guarding the Gateway to Cleanliness

The battle against dust begins at your workplace’s entry points. Floor mats act as sentinels, capturing dust and dirt before they enter your office, factory, or store. Wilkins Linen offers a wide range of mats, from generic and logo to custom-designed mats, each catering to your unique needs.

Antifatigue mats are beneficial for employees who spend a significant amount of time standing, offering comfort and reducing fatigue. Our scraper mats use specialized surfaces and excel at removing dust and grime from footwear. Our versatile mat selection ensures that no matter the type of workspace, we have a solution to keep dust at bay.

Air Fresheners and Dispensers: Creating a Pleasant Atmosphere

The importance of dust control in your workplace cannot be understated. A clean workspace isn’t just about visuals or health; it’s also about the ambiance. Fresh, pleasant smells play a significant role in boosting morale and maintaining a positive work environment. 

Wilkins Linen provides air fresheners with easy-to-use dispensers we place strategically around your workplace. These fresheners continuously emit a gentle, pleasing fragrance, contributing to an inviting atmosphere and a sense of well-being among employees.


Every business is unique, with distinct needs and challenges when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. That’s why we provide customization options that empower you with tools that tackle life’s occasional curveballs. Whether you want mats bearing your logo to reinforce your brand identity or require a specific design for functional purposes, we got you covered.

Embrace a Dust-Free Future with Wilkins Linen

Dust control is not just an optional luxury in your workplace – it’s a necessity. It contributes to the health, comfort, and productivity of those who enter your space. By leveraging the dust control solutions offered by Wilkins Linen, including top-tier dust mops, a diverse range of floor mats, and pleasant air fresheners with dispensers, you create a workplace that truly shines.

Embrace a dust-free future with Wilkins Linen – because a clean workspace is a productive one. Call us today at 1-866-945-5467, or email us to learn more about the importance of dust control in your workplace! 

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