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With the cold and flu season upon us, the cleaning supplies you have are huge factors in navigating it safely. Microfiber towels and cloths have great advantages over disposable towels for many reasons.

From reusability and microbial resistance to cleaning effectiveness, the benefits of microfiber over disposable towels are significant. Wilkins Linen has high-quality microfiber towels and cloths your business needs, along with everything else!

The Problem with Disposable Towels

Before we get to the microbial-fighting advantages of microfiber, we must establish why disposable products should be avoided.

Environmental Impact 

Annual paper towel production requires an estimated 110 million trees and 130 million gallons of fresh water. The energy required to produce paper towels is also significant, contributing to greenhouse gas production. Finally, the waste generated from single-use paper towels is staggering. 3,000 tons are annually landfilled and their decomposition generates dangerous levels of methane.

Spreads Microbes Like Viruses and Bacteria

Instead of picking up or killing microbes, paper towels will only spread them around. Unless the cleaning agent being used is of considerable strength and has minutes to sit on the surface being cleaned, cleaning a surface with a paper towel won’t make it safe. In fact, it will only exacerbate the problem in ways that are easily avoidable.

Poor Performance

Like everything else, there are high and low-quality versions of paper towels. On the high-quality end, you get the absorption and durability you need for your business, but you’ll pay for it. Low-quality paper towels perform so poorly that they just add problems instead of solving them. From low absorption to mid-job disintegration, they’re practically useless.

The Anti-Microbial Benefits of Microfiber 

While the observable action a microfiber towel has on a surface is similar to that of a paper towel, the microscopic effect is entirely different. Where a paper towel will just absorb liquid, a microfiber towel literally absorbs microbes like viruses and bacteria. No cleaners are necessary, and no scrubbing is required. Just add water to your microfiber cloth and you have a trap for viruses and bacteria. 

It’s important to note that microfiber doesn’t kill microbes, but simply removes them from the surface they’re wiping. As a result, it’s important that a disinfectant is used in conjunction with the microfiber, or that your microfiber is regularly cleaned by a professional and qualified provider

Other Benefits of Microfiber

It’s not just antimicrobial properties that make microfiber a coveted material for businesses of all kinds. Here are just some of the additional benefits of using microfiber materials:


Thanks to their small fiber size and resulting evenly-distributed and soft surface area, microfiber towels are ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Be it glass, delicate china, or mirrors, quality microfiber cloths make them shine with no scuffs.

Crevice Digging

Unlike a paper towel or cloth fabric, microfiber can dig deeply into crevices and grouting that the other fabrics simply can’t. This makes it ideal for tile walls, textured tables, and floors.

Chemicals Unnecessary 

If chemical smells put you, your customers, or your employees off, microfiber and water might be the solution. Because of their ability to disinfect a surface without harsh chemicals, you can keep your visitors happy and safe.

Microfiber Mops for Floor Cleanliness

Wilkens Linen is happy to provide a microfiber solution for the area of your business that needs the most antimicrobial help: the floor. With our flat microfiber mops, your floor can shine safely and be thoroughly cleaned. All without the use of smelly chemical cleaners. 

Not Every Microfiber Towel or Mop is Equal

For a towel or mop to be designated “microfiber,” its fibers need to be less than 10 micrometers. Any more and the electrostatic properties that make microbes cling to microfiber aren’t as powerful. Thicker fibers also dampen a “microfiber” towel’s other beneficial properties of non-scratching and crevice clinging. 

For Reliable and Quality Microfiber, Contact Wilkins Linen Today

If your business wants microfiber towels or mops, you need a provider that has quality materials, professional cleaning ability, and customer-service orientation. That provider is Wilkins Linen.

For more information, call us at 1(866) 945-5467 or request a free quote here.

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