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First impressions can be everything. When customers walk into your place of business, they want to see a welcoming and clean environment. Controlling dust in your business is imperative to creating a great first impression. Customers may be quick to judge if they walk in the entrance of your building and notice dust, grime, and dirt gathered everywhere. Knowing how to control dust and dirt buildup is important for any workplace, but it’s especially important for healthcare, restaurants, and hospitality industries for a professional, clean and sanitary presentation. If you wouldn’t eat at a dirty restaurant or sleep in a dusty hospital bed, why would your customers or patients?

Dust can affect not only your company’s overall image and professionalism but also your employees’ health. Continual dust buildup can have negative health effects on your employees, so it’s important to maintain a clean environment not only for your customers but for the people who work there every single day.

Dust Control Products

Dust control products such as floor mats, microfiber cloths and mops, and sanitation products, can help you easily maintain a clean facility. Consider renting these products for easy and hassle-free maintenance.

Dust & Floor Mats

You can reduce the amount of dirt and dust that enters your building by up to 80% by getting a floor and dust mat for your entryway. This is because the majority of dirt that enters a building comes from outside. A floor/dust mat gathers the dirt, reducing the amount being spread throughout the building. If your business is more related to the hospitality or health care industry, floor mats aren’t the only product that can help reduce dust.

If your business is related to the hospitality or health care industry, floor mats aren’t the only product that can help reduce dust. Choosing Wilkins Linen Service allows you to rent products such as tablecloths, sheets, blankets, and towels, that can reduce dust retention and avoid linen overuse. When renting these linens, you don’t have to worry about overusing the same old cloths over the recommended amount.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are more cost efficient and effective at cleaning than common cotton linens. The reason for this difference is that microfiber cloths have grooves built into the material that traps soils, thus absorbing it more quickly. These microfiber cloths will attract and retain dust particles better than worn out cotton cloths.

Microfiber Mops

Similar to microfiber cloths, microfiber mops work and clean more efficiently than regular mops. Microfiber mops are one of the dust control products that can almost eliminate cross-contamination during clean up. They also drastically reduce chemical and water use while cleaning better than a regular mop. Microfiber mops can hold up to six times their weight in water–that’s a noticeable impact sure to impress your customers and patients.

Read more about the benefits of microfiber flat mop systems in medical facilities. 

Hands and Sanitation

It’s become the new normal to see motion activated faucets, paper towel dispensers and hand dryers in businesses such as restaurants and hotels. Another common trend is motion activated hand cleaning stations in public facilities–not only in restrooms but also in hallways and entryways. The effortless way these devices improve cleanliness make them a growing trend for business owners. Touch-free hand cleaning stations eliminate the need to touch multiple surfaces that others have touched, reducing the spread of germs and dirt. Soon, we’re likely to see more public restrooms turning completely hands-free–as many already have converted.

Fresh Air

There are other products that can help your building, office or facility maintain that fresh and clean reputation such as:

  • Air fresheners with dispensers
  • Continuous odor control systems with dispensers

Contact Wilkins Linen 

As a business owner or operations manager, it’s your job to ensure that dirt is controlled in your building. The efforts you make will not only welcome new business and potential customers, but it will also help keep your employees happy and healthy. Contact Us to learn more about our dust control products and linen management services for Houston area restaurants, healthcare facilities, and hospitality companies.

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