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Between meeting customer and budgetary requirements, it’s so easy for restroom maintenance needs to take a backseat. However, the right facility service provider is a true game-changer. They can do more than just deliver your cleaning essentials. The right service provider can transform the way you maintain your business space.

The Best Facility Services for Your Texas Business:

Which facility services can your Texas businesses benefit from the most? Let’s break it down below.

Floor Mops

The quality of your floor mops can directly impact the effectiveness of your floor care efforts. And that is something that facility service can help with. For one, floor mop rental services ensure access to higher-quality cleaning tools, without the upfront costs of purchasing. No matter how many mops you go through in a day or a week, facility services make sure that cost is the least of your worries. More importantly, they also ensure the availability of clean, ready-to-use mops for your facility. You won’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining and disinfecting used mopheads.

Floor Mats

High-quality commercial floor mats are essential to keeping your floors clean. With Texas’s challenging weather conditions, floor mats are your most proactive solutions to protect your floors and prevent slip-and-fall injuries. And facility services give you hassle-free access to your mat supplies. Facility services regularly deliver clean floor mats, ready to deploy to your facility’s critical areas of need. Mat maintenance becomes a non-issue, as your Texas facility service provider will take care of that as well. More than the convenience of it, facility services ensure better maintenance for your mat supplies. This, in turn, ensures that your floor mats function optimally and safely.

Cleaning Towels

Your Texas business can also benefit from a facility service provider’s cleaning towel service. Cleaning towel rental service not only provide the convenience of keeping up with your supply needs. It is also the most cost-efficient solution for your cleaning towel needs. For one, it saves you from the cost of purchasing your towel supplies at full cost. Rental also lets you save up on the cost of maintaining these towels. You can put all your resources towards cleaning your Texas business space, unbothered by any burden that comes with keeping a cleaning towel inventory.

Restroom Hygiene Systems

Finally, your Texas business can fully benefit from the ease and security of restroom supply services. They can take care of making sure that your restrooms are fully-stocked and in top condition, with their automatic supply replenishment. This means your restroom needs don’t take a backseat to the more demanding aspects of your business operations. Facility service also lowers the overall cost of your restroom supply. You can acquire your restroom supplies without having to pay the full retail cost. It also lets you do away with the cost of last-minute shopping runs that are as inconvenient as they are expensive.

Wilkins: Your Best Choice for Facility Service in Texas

Wilkins Linen is not just Texas’ number 1 choice for commercial and healthcare linen services. We are also your best choice for facility service! We offer:

  • A complete selection of high-quality facility supplies.
  • Competitive service prices.
  • On-time and accurate deliveries to prevent supply shortages.
  • Customer support that lets you meet your supply needs and maintenance goals with ease.

Contact Wilkins Today!

Give Wilkins Linen a call today at 1-866-WILKINS or fill out this form to start your Texas facility service or learn more about our other services!

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