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Dust mites, their body parts, and their feces are the most common household allergens.  They are the source of sneezing, wheezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes, runny noses, stuffy noses, eczema and asthma.  Is your facility struggling in the war against dust mites? Here are some easy ways to give them the boot! Share on X

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Dust mites flourish in places that are dark, warm, and filled with a food source – named the dead skin cells of humans.  This makes it no surprise that they love fiber surfaces. Fibers (fabric, carpeting, etc) give dust mites an ideal home. Fiber surfaces are not easily cleaned,  so, over time even more dust mite allergens collect.


Dust with a damp cloth, starting at the top of the room,  working your way down. Do not dust with products that leave a residue, as this will actually create and attract dust. If you dust with microfiber cloths, always dust in one direction to avoid continually release the dust the rag has picked up.


Vacuum with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner.  Canister models are preferred to up-right models, as they are better sealed.  Speaking of seals, select a completely sealed vacuum system so that dust and allergens don’t leak out of the unit.  Make sure the vacuum is fitted with a true HEPA filter.

Pro Tip: When selecting a vacuum cleaner, choose a bagless model and those with washable filters. Other models expose you to the very allergens you’re trying to destroy!

Laundry Service

Do you need to rid your linens of dust mites? You can get rid of dust mites in fiber surfaces by having them washed in hot water.  The water must be at least 140°F to kill the mites. Wash all sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters, microfiber rugs, curtains and towels frequently to kill dust mites.  Water this hot may damage your fabrics and fade colors, so your laundry service provider will consult with you about the best material to use.

A Spotless Facility

Wilkins Linen understands the need to keep your facility spotless and dust mite-free.

Contact Us to learn more about dust control products and commercial laundry service in Houston.

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