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Is your facility ready for the colder months? As a facility manager, you’re likely responsible for preparing your building for any winter storm damage and making it as energy efficient as possible. With a few more months of cold weather left, it’s vital to properly winterize your facility now to keep energy costs low, the facility warm and ensure continued successful operation throughout the season.

5 Tips for Winterizing Your Facility

While the best time to winterize your facility is in the autumn months, in South Texas there is still plenty of time to start now. These 5 tips will get you started. Check out these useful pointers to ensure that your facility is properly prepared for winter weather. Share on X 

Seal Air Leaks

Check all of the windows and doors throughout the facility for cold drafts. When cold air is getting in, hot air is escaping- causing higher electric bills. Facility managers and staff can seal leaks with caulk to warrant an efficient facility.

Test Furnaces

Furnaces need to be in good working condition, especially during harsh winters. Furnaces should be thoroughly cleaned and examined for any gas leaks. The air filters must be replaced. This should be done far enough in advance that there is ample time to replace parts and fix any problems.

Prepare in Advance for Storms

If you know a winter storm is coming, your facility must be fully prepared. Clean the gutters and downspouts to obviate ice buildup. Buy a sufficient amount of ice melt. Secure contracts with snow clearing personnel.

Add Insulation

Another way to ensure the facility is efficient throughout the winter is to add extra insulation as needed. Facility managers should pay special attention to doors and windows. Window insulation kits are inexpensive and simple to install.

Have Spare Facility Supplies

You always want to be sure you have enough facility management products on hand, but especially during the colder months. No one wants to make extra trips to buy supplies in lower temperatures. And if there is an ice storm, you want to stay off the roads as much as possible.

Pro Tip: Be prepared for winter by properly managing your product inventory to make sure you always have what you need in stock.

Wilkins Linen -Your Trusted Facility Supplier

At Wilkins Linen, we pride ourselves in being a trusted supplier of facility management products.

Contact Us to learn more about how to successfully winterize your facility and how customized facility solutions can improve your facility operations. 

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