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Facility management plays an enormous role in the success of your business.  Whether you own a health clinic, nursing home or restaurant, the physical resources, and working environment dictate the success or failure of your facility.  Weaknesses in management can lead to serious operational problems.

The Value of Training

Regular training should be an integral part of your management strategy.  Your rules and expectations should be clear, with staff aware of the consequences for violations. Setting goals is a great way to improve morale and foster an environment of growth. Use these training sessions to implement positive changes, educate your staff on management strategies, and recognize excellence.

No Contingency Plan

Even the best management team should have a backup, or contingency plan, for when unforeseen events strike.  Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to develop a strategy for handling it. While you may not be able to plan for everything, using the experiences of similar businesses, you should be able to plan for most things.

Bad Habits

Habits are developed with repetition over time. The longer bad habits are allowed to take root, the harder they will be to break. It’s crucial to identify and address bad habits, even those that seem insignificant. This reinforces your dedication to good management practices and dissuades employees from lax behaviors that could spiral into bigger issues.

Poor Supply Management

Facility supplies, such as table linens, hospital gowns, bedding, and towels, require management all their own. These items should be readily available, pristine and regularly laundered. When there is a breakdown in the process, customer satisfaction can be negatively impacted. Imagine a patient at a health clinic being handed a dirty gown, or a couple sitting down to a romantic meal to a tablecloth stained with grease. These situations can tarnish even the best reputation. Investing in a good linen services provider takes the stress off of your staff and is often the best solution for handling supply management.

Not Encouraging Growth

Employees feel the greatest accomplishment and loyalty when they are given opportunities for growth. Rewarding exemplary work and encouraging development will foster feelings of positivity and dedication. Happy employees are far more likely to stay with one employer, which saves you significant time and money spent training new employees.

Consistency is Key

When it comes to good facility management, consistency is key. When enforcing rules with staff, or completing an inventory of supplies, your approach should be consistent and universally applied. This will prevent ambiguity and a confused staff. If you’re only checking in with your management staff on rare occasions, you become detached from the process and unable to offer valuable feedback. 

Ensuring Success

The success of your facility begins with you. With proper oversight, consistency, and training, your management team will thrive. Wilkins Linen understands the need for well-managed linens and supplies, and we’ve helped business owners with that task for many years.

If your facility needs a custom solution to help streamline linen management, Contact Us.

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