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Healthcare is busy and stressful at times, but rewarding knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives. It’s a challenge keeping up with scheduling, regulations, inventory management, and patient care, among other things. Cleanliness, however, is a non-negotiable and dust is a major challenge to keeping any facility clean. The dust never ends which means dust control is your only recourse.

Why Dust Control is Necessary for Healthcare Facilities

Dust affects many aspects of your daily operations from your patients to your staff. It is constantly being generated and poses health threats and makes your rooms seem neglected if left unaddressed.

Patient safety.

Dust can be harmful to everyone in your facilities. Not only does it introduce allergens into the air, it’s also a very effective transporter of airborne bacteria. Dust has also been linked to the development of different infections. Microorganisms in dust can survive for long periods of time and are easily transferable to numerous other surfaces. Dusty rooms are breeding grounds for sickness and infection.

Patient satisfaction.

The cleanliness of your facility is a big part of your patient’s first impression of the care they’ll receive while in your hands. Dust is noticeable visually and by smell. When a prospective patient sees a dusty surface or floor, they begin to wonder what other details at your facility slip through the cracks. It makes them question how sanitary your rooms, linens, and instruments will be. The cleanliness of the environment you provide may also affect your facility’s Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey score.

Implementing Proper Solutions

With dust control, it’s important to be proactive. Implement a daily surface and floor cleaning strategy. Choose high-quality cleaning supplies and products well-suited for dusting- surface cleaning and sweeping, high dusting, and trapping debris and hair on both wet and dry floors. Consider using floor mats to catch dust off of shoes at doorway entrances and exits. Utilizing a third-party linen and dust control service may be ideal to keep your facility dust free and clean.

Take Preventive Measures

Dust is a never-ending battle at home and in medical settings. It’s a major threat to the health of your patients and staff. Dust control in healthcare is essential to the facility’s cleanliness and overall patient satisfaction. Use this guide to get started implementing your dust control plan today.

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