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The functions of facility management vary from company to company and across industries, but the main role is to make sure different facility systems work together seamlessly. Managers of a facility are in charge of taking care of the business’ most valuable and often most costly investment–the building.

From inventory and property maintenance to clean facilities and a dust-free environment, the functions of facility management are any task that falls under the building’s upkeep. But, one person can’t do it all. Facility services require a full staff of dedicated individuals.

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Inventory & Clean Linens

A main focus for facility managers is recording and keeping up with inventory. If new supplies aren’t ordered or a product stock isn’t updated, other workers won’t have the critical tools they need to complete everyday tasks.

For medical facilities, this could be healthcare products like patient gowns, bed sheets, towels, and blankets. For restaurants, inventory will include hospitality products like cloth napkins, tablecloths, waiter/waitress aprons, and kitchen apparel.

Maintain Property

Your company’s property includes both the inside and outside grounds. It should always stay in pristine condition to make a good first impression on guests, meet industry regulations, and maintain a safe environment. Some common tasks include:

  • Cut and trim grass
  • Landscaping
  • Power wash walkways, garages, and the building structure
  • Clean windows
  • Mop and vacuum floors
  • Dust surfaces
  • Clean restrooms
  • Update equipment as needed
  • Perform repairs and maintenance work

A Dust-Free Facility

Your facility could run into major health concerns without a dust control plan. The facility manager should create a regular plan along with other crucial employees. Invest in quality dust control products like microfiber flat mops, floor mats, and towels that can help to prevent and control dust build up in your facility.

Pro tip: Cut facility budget spending by outsourcing linen rental and cleaning to a local linen management company.

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