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Going to the doctor is necessary, but often an unpleasant experience for many people. Worry about the results and what the doctor may say keep many on edge as they wait to be seen. This makes it a challenge for doctors and nurses to make patients as comfortable as possible during their visits. One easy way to help patients be more comfortable is in the type of hospital gowns you use.  

Hospital Gowns: Cloth vs. Paper

Paper hospital gowns are often the go-to for new clinics as they come with a lower upfront cost. However, there are a number of great reasons for new and existing clinics to consider cloth gowns instead.

1) Saves you time and money.

While paper gowns may save money upfront, over time they prove to be more expensive than cloth gowns. Cloth gowns are reusable. Instead of having to restock your gowns every few weeks, hire a linen services company specializing in healthcare linens to clean and manage your linen inventory. This will free up your time and result in significant savings over time.

2) Greater patient comfort.

There’s really no comparison for patient comfort. Paper gowns can be cold, itchy, and abrasive. They can also tear and do not provide as good of coverage as cloth gowns. Cloth gowns come in a variety of sizes and provide much better coverage. Not only will your patients feel more comfortable, but they won’t have to worry about accidental exposure.

3) Better for the environment.

Paper gowns from medical facilities generate a large amount of paper waste. Cloth gowns, on the other hand, reduce your waste significantly. Your patients will appreciate your choice to protect the environment.

Wilkins Knows Healthcare

If your patient comfort is a top priority, cloth hospital gowns are the best choice. Wilkins Linen knows healthcare laundry and is equipped to keep you compliant while providing the highest quality of medical linen services.

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