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Your linens are an integral part of your patient experience and satisfaction. The quality and availability of fresh clean linens is essential to your daily and weekly operations. An investment in your linen inventory management is a direct investment into your patient satisfaction.

Must-Haves for Your Healthcare Facility

There’s nothing like crawling into a clean, soft, warm bed. The newly washed scent combined with the soft sheets on your skin simply feels good. On the other end, there are few things more unpleasant than crawling into a cold, rough, smelly bed. Which experience do you want your patients to have when they crawl into one of your beds? The following 5 quality items are must-haves for your practice:

1) Mattress cover

Typically features a zipper enclosure. They’re waterproof and reusable- great for protecting your mattresses from waste accidents in the bed. They completely cover your mattresses for maximum protection.

2) Fitted sheet

This is the bedsheet closest to the mattress, sometimes called the bottom sheet. It fits over the mattress with an elastic edge to keep it in place.

3) Pillowcase

Used to cover a pillow for sleeping. They’re typically rectangular with an opening to insert the pillow. Pillowcases protect the pillow from sweat and body oils and must be washed frequently.

4) Blanket

Used to provide warmth in the night. Most commonly made of cotton, polyester, microfiber plush, or a combination of fibers. The blanket lies on top for heat and an aesthetic touch.

5) Bed pads

Bed pads are absorbent and reusable. They protect both the bed and the patient. They ensure your patients always have a dry environment.

Wilkins Knows Health Care Linens

With vast experience in the healthcare industry, Wilkins Linen is your premier Houston area healthcare linen provider. We provide you with convenient, professional linen care compliant with the latest in health care standards all with a personal touch. Allow us the to manage your health care linen inventory so you can focus more of your time and energy on taking care of your patients.

Patient Care is in the Details

Your bed linens are easy to look over or forget about when managing your daily patient care, but they’re vital. Quality linens communicate personal care to your patients before you even begin the medical care. They also can have a calming, relaxing effect. Communicate you care- give your patients the best in health care bed linens and let Wilkins help.

To learn more about our convenient, professional health care linen services, Contact Us.

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