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Patients and visitors expect and deserve a safe and comfortable healthcare environment. The viability of your facility rests on the patient experience you provide. This encompasses everything from cleanliness to customer service. Patient care begins the minute someone walks into your facility. Share on X

Healthcare Facility Management  

The smart facility manager should look to stay ahead of the game by being prepared for any challenges that come their way. It’s not enough to be good at running the facility. You must have a friendly, approachable demeanor and strong customer service skills. With that in mind, here are 5 tips every healthcare facility manager should read:


Facility managers should reach out beyond systems controls and maintenance to interact with patients and visitors. To ensure that patients are satisfied with their stay, go out of your way to say hello and open the lines of communication. This helps patients see the value of what you and your staff do, and it helps you gain some insights into the patient experience.

Invest in a Linen Service

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest consumers of linens, and the condition and cleanliness of these items should be a top priority for your team. Using a linen rental and laundry service takes much of the responsibility for linen management off your shoulders.

Address Noise

It’s hard for patients to sleep in a healthcare environment. Sensors are constantly going off, doors are opening and closing and staff often forget to keep conversations reserved to certain areas. Noise is a top stressor for patients and it affects their perception of the care they receive. Turn down all cell phones, radios, and be on the lookout for equipment that squeaks, rattles or groans.

Keep the Facility Clean

From a patient’s point of view, cleanliness makes them feel safer about their environment. Patient perception counts for a lot, so even if a room is clean, if it’s dingy our unorganized, it doesn’t look as clean as it is. Develop measurable cleaning standards to boost patient satisfaction and reduce the spread of bacteria and infection. Have cleaning products on hand and a frequent rotational schedule to ensure the cleanliness of your facility.

Set Goals

Every facility manager should implement a master plan addressing short and long-term goals. A master plan can save money, increase efficiency and make the facility manager the go-to expert. Having a strategic plan in place ensures that your goals are being met and most importantly, that you are meeting the expectations of your patients.

An Efficient Management Team

Does your facility provide the best level of service? In order to ensure the best possible patient experience, you must maintain high standards, and clearly convey expectations to your team. Outsourcing linen services can save you valuable time and money. Wilkins Linen Services has ample experience in healthcare settings and we provide the highest level of care to our customers.

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