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It’s common knowledge that cleanliness helps prevent sickness and disease. For a hospital or healthcare facility, this is a tremendous task involving every aspect of every process and every room. The uncontrollable spread of infection among such a high concentration of people could prove fatal. Federal regulations reflect the urgency and importance of this reality. They also put additional stress and headaches on facility management and staff to remain in compliance.

Benefits of Outsourcing Laundry Services

Outsourcing laundry services makes a lot of economical sense in the healthcare industry. The initial investment cost, ongoing cost of equipment and staff, and the time it takes to manage inventory represent significant savings. It also helps improve infection control in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Consider the following when determining a laundry solution for your healthcare facility.

Outsourcing Separates Usage from Cleaning

Preventing gross microbial contamination of the air and of individuals handling linens is essential to preventing the spread of infection in healthcare facilities. Best practice is to limit the handling and agitation of soiled linen to as little as possible. It is also important that the soiled linen is bagged or placed in containers at the location of use and safely transported to a separate facility for sorting and rinsing. Outsourcing effectively accomplishes both of these objectives.

Outsourcing Provides Lower Cost Superior Cleaning Services

Improved control and monitoring of the level and quality of service provides healthcare facilities with a way to manage accountability. Time and effort can be put into choosing a high-quality laundry service provider instead of attempting to monitor and maintain the quality of infection control on-site. A good laundry service provider has adequate equipment and is knowledgeable of proper temperatures, detergents, and cleaning procedures.

Outsourcing Ensures OSHA and JCAHO Compliance

A hospital or healthcare facility needs to devote most of their time to taking care of their patients. This is challenging while attempting to remain in compliance with federal regulations. Selecting a good laundry service provider will guarantee JCAHO and OSHA compliance while eliminating the difficulties and headaches for the healthcare facility. Compliance with federal regulations is indicative of adequate infection control.

Save Money, Improve Infection Control in Hospitals

Infection control in hospitals and other healthcare facilities can be challenging. Outsourcing services such as laundry makes great economic sense while also providing higher levels of infection control. Wilkins Linen have been leaders in the linen services industry since 1952. With a well-trained staff of service professionals, Wilkins Linen will provide your company with all the linen resources you need. Contact Us today for more information on how we can help you remain safe and in compliance.

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