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Imagine yourself in a green field beneath the wide blue sky. What do you feel? Studies indicate that colors affect feelings. Have you ever thought about how the colors of your linens and scrubs may affect the patients you serve? While the psychology of colors is not exact and the results are not uniform, studies indicate enough correlation to warrant consideration. Use this guide to explore the effect your choice of linen colors may have in your healthcare facility.

Color Psychology: An Overview

There is no exact correlation between specific colors and feelings for everyone all the time. Unfortunately, it isn’t a magic button you can push for results. However, certain correlations have been identified with enough regularity to indicate the following patterns:


White promotes feelings of cleanliness and safety. Because blemishes and stains are easily seen, clean, white linens and uniforms give a sense of sterility. Many doctors and nurses often dress in white lab coats and scrubs.


The color of power and stability. Black is associated with professionalism and expertise. It gives a sense of authority. Many head nurses wear black scrubs and medical professionals often wear black suit or dress shirt attire when they aren’t operating.


The color of passion and urgency. Red is associated with an increased appetite and is known to promote excitement and confidence. It has been proven to raise your heart rate and blood pressure. Red colors should be avoided in patient and recovery rooms.


The color of warmth and happiness. Yellow is associated with optimism and overall well-being. It is also known to increase appetite and promote energy. Yellow is a good color to integrate into recovery rooms and clinical treatment.


The color of calm and trust. Blue has been proven to lower both your heart rate and blood pressure. It gives a sense of belonging and peace.


The color of peace and nature. Green is known to give feelings of healing and serenity. It promotes health and is also the color of success.

Choosing Your Colors

Colors add to your environment and influence the way your employees and patients feel when they visit you. It is a good idea to consider your color schemes for waiting areas, patient and guest rooms, and offices. Think about how you want visitors to feel when they are in your waiting area and operation and recover rooms. Think about your decor, uniforms, and linens. Do you want a fun, inviting atmosphere, or a calm, health-promoting decor? Do you want to encourage appetite or excitement? Expertise or cleanliness? Your choices may even change throughout the year to fit holiday themes and special occasions. Using a quality healthcare linen service provider makes it easy for you to manage your linen color schemes year round.

Craft Your Environment

While colors can’t guarantee you happy patients or sales, they can influence feelings and behavior. Use this color psychology guide to help you choose your linen, uniform, and decor color schemes. Wilkins Linens specializes in healthcare linen rental services. Contact Us to learn more about linen color and material choices for your healthcare facility.


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