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The hospital gown is arguably the most iconic clothing in the healthcare industry, partially due to its common usage and partially due to its equally memorable discomfort. Patient gowns usually feel like a cross between paper and plastic, and rarely cover enough to make patients feel comfortable.

As the healthcare industry works to improve its environmental impact and energy costs, more and more facilities are using cloth gowns for their patients as well as their doctors. This shift in healthcare clothing styles has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and overall quality of care, not to mention plenty of benefits for the hospital. 

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Cloth Gowns Are More Comfortable

Soft, freshly cleaned fabric simply feels better on the skin than rough paper. This can help relax patients during their treatments. Many patients also report that fabric gowns provide more coverage than paper and reduce embarrassing feelings of exposure. Fabric also traps more heat and keeps patients warm in a cold medical setting.

Cloth Gowns Keep Costs Low

On the surface, cloth gowns seem more expensive. One cloth gown can cost the same price as a 30-50 pack of disposable suits. However, reusable fabric gowns will ultimately save you money. A single fabric gown can last for years with proper linen care and be used for many patients. Meanwhile, a paper gown can easily tear and need replacing, and often must be handled as hazardous waste when disposed of. Switching to fabric will provide a large supply of reusable outfits for your patients.  

Cloth Gowns Reduce Waste

Paper clothes are designed to be single-use and easily disposable. While this can be convenient, it also means a healthcare facility constantly has to buy more and throw out the old ones. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper already ends up in landfills every year. Why add to that number?

Pro Tip: Save yourself some money and save the environment some pain by switching to fabric gowns.

Patient Comfort Takes Priority

When buying healthcare clothing for your hospital or doctor’s office, think about how switching to fabric linens can help your business. If you can make your patients happier and reduce waste and cost, your profits and the quality of your care will increase. Make the best choice for yourself and your clients.

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