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Every healthcare organization strives to ensure high-quality patient care, but there is always room for improvement.  Assessing patient need within your organization will help you identify gaps in care before they cause problems. These reviews are opportunities to improve care and establish goals for the future.   

Giving the Best Patient Experience

Patient satisfaction is a result of the interactions within your organization.  There is no point of contact that can’t impact the patient.  This includes telephone calls, as well as in-person encounters with healthcare staff. When people have a positive interaction with your employees, they feel more positive about their overall experience

1) See it through their eyes

Try looking at the healthcare experience through the eyes of your patients.  Tour your facility, making a note of anything that seems confusing or problematic.  When staff is present but not on the clock, do they still offer help to patients who look lost or confused?  What is the average wait time?  These are all things that you understand from behind the scenes, but a patient may not. Put yourself in their shoes.

2) Communicate care at every step

Patients seek healthcare because they need help, and should know that you’re trying to get it for them. If you don’t know the answer to a question, make it clear that you’ll find someone who does. Never shut a patient down or dismiss their concerns.  Compassionate communication is reassuring to a patient in distress.

3) Resolve issues well

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes it’s how you handle them that leads to resolution.  Practice good listening skills, so that when concerns arise you can address them without taking a defensive position. The happiness and health of your patients should be your main concern, not being right. Be clear about what steps you’re taking to make things right and to avoid a repeat incident in the future.

4) Train your employees

When it comes to health, many things are out of your control. You can’t snap your fingers and cure chronic disease, as much as you’d like to.  One thing in your control is how you make people feel.  Train staff to approach the patient with empathy and patience. Every question and request should be handled with professionalism and kindness.  Ensure that every interaction your patient has with staff is positive.  

5) Pay attention to the details

Patients will notice the details of your facility, especially if they’re lacking. An understaffed check-in desk or dingy linens can reflect poorly on you. As a healthcare professional, it’s your job to focus on patient treatment and care. That level of care extends to all aspects of your facility, from the staff to the linens.  Healthcare services are held to a higher standard than other industries, and for good reason. Patient health should always be a top priority.

Wilkins Knows Healthcare

To achieve a positive patient experience, it’s crucial to provide the highest quality products to your patients. Wilkins knows that it’s not enough that linens be high quality and comfortable. In the healthcare industry, they must also be clean and sanitized. This is to ensure that any germs or possible toxins are removed. We provide high-quality healthcare linens and linen services designed to keep you compliant with all healthcare laws and regulations.

Give Your Patients the Best

Healthcare is a demanding industry, full of moving parts. There is always room for improvement, and there is no detail too small to risk overlooking.  Your patients deserve the best. Amplify empathy on an ongoing basis and continue to assess the needs of your patients and their families. Use this guide to get started.

Contact Us to find out how a high-quality linen service can set your facility apart from the rest.

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