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If you’ve ever been to a hospital, you most likely have experienced or seen firsthand the discomfort some medical gowns can cause. Why haven’t healthcare facilities dumped those itchy and irritating paper gowns yet? Could the move toward more comfortable medical gowns affect more than patient satisfaction – like faster recovery times?

Why Patient Satisfaction Matters

Most people have had to wear a medical gown at one point or another. If you are like most, you have the same complaint as practically every patient since paper medical gowns were invented; they are uncomfortable. More specifically, traditional hospital gowns:

  • Are Itchy
  • Flimsy
  • Old
  • Expose Your Backside
  • And Rarely Fit

Most people say that typical gowns are either too tight, too loose or expose body areas. When your patients are uncomfortable, they don’t ask questions because they are more concerned with getting dressed and out of that embarrassing paper gown.

If care wasn’t a big enough concern, the Affordable Care Act provides incentives for healthcare facilities that show improving scores from patients based on satisfaction. One way to meet those standards and get tax credits for improvements is by offering better health care products, including more patient-friendly medical gowns.

Pros of High-Quality Medical Gowns

One survey found that better medical gowns resulted in a 40% improvement in first impressions of a facility’s overall health care services. Gowns that come with a less restrictive V-Neck design, close all the way in the back, include pockets, are made with comfortable materials, and are embroidered with hospital insignias or logos, will see immediate results in customer satisfaction. Whatever medical gowns you choose, they should take into account these pros:

1. More Comfortable

True, buying cheap, paper-made, one-size-fits-all medical gowns are often most affordable, but the results are bad for patient satisfaction. Not to mention, one size rarely fits all. Think about how overweight or female patients feel when they have to wear gowns that leave them exposed and uncomfortable.

Instead, shop gowns for all different body types. Use the weight information on your patient’s chart to consider the appropriate gown based on gender and size, which also includes height.

2. Better Fabric Options Available

Cost is a huge factor for healthcare facilities operating under tight budgets. However, there are new synthetic fabrics that are much more comfortable for your patients and cost much less. Look for polycotton blends that are softer and less restrictive.

3. Longer lasting

Another plus to using a polyblend as opposed to traditional paper medical gowns is that they last longer. Some hospitals are using worn out cotton gowns from years ago or spend hundreds of dollars a month to replace paper ones. If you invest in quality health care products like polyblend medical gowns, you will save a lot more in the long run while also improving patient care.

Show Your Patients You Care

Studies have found that when you provide comfortable gowns to your patients, it shows them that you care. That feeling spills over to your facility overall. Make sure that when you invest in quality linens for your healthcare facility, you also take care of your gown investment. Wilkins Linen is a reliable linen rental and management company who understand the importance of reliability. Contact us today for high-quality patient gowns for your Houston area healthcare facility.

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