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Houston has no shortage of healthcare practices in need of linens to operate more efficiently. However, not just any linens will do with lives at stake. Reliable medical linen solutions for Houston facilities are easy to find with help from the right provider:

Wilkins’ Medical Linen Solutions for Houston Facilities Are Ready to Help

Since 1952, Wilkins Linen has provided Texas medical facilities with the linens they need. Our healthcare linen and laundry service meets the highest industry standards set by the Joint Commission (JCAHO). We offer each of the following high-quality products:


Wilkins Linen provides sheets and pillowcases tailored toward continued patient use. They are made with comfortable material that retains its high quality for long periods. Like with all of our products, we maintain them ourselves in our commercial laundry service. There we clean and repair every item, ensuring Houston medical facilities always have what they need in stock.


Wilkins offers a variety of special-use blankets for medical facilities. Our thermal blankets are made with heat-resistant shielding that prevents cold environments from overwhelming patients. Both our thermal and warming blankets keep patients warm without weighing them down and retain their comfort. We also supply absorbent bath blankets that hold up to repeated use.

Patient Gowns

We have tailored our patient gowns to their wearers’ most specific needs. They are ergonomic, allowing for a full range of motion while remaining snug and in place. They also come in different patterns and sizes to fit with the aesthetics of different facilities and the weight of various patients.


Our towels are soft, smooth, and absorbent. We offer specialty options for everything from cleaning to patient care and comfort. This includes bath, microfiber, spa, OR, and wash towels as well as many others!


Many patients stay with medical facilities for long durations, which is why they deserve the best patient robes in Texas! Our service provides that while keeping patients cozy no matter where they are in the facility or what procedures they may experience.

Incontinence Pads

Patients in medical facilities are there for a variety of their own personal reasons. That’s why Wilkins offers products for any possible situation to help make their stay more comfortable. One example of this is our durable, absorbent incontinence pads that are ready for any patient.

Soiled Linen Storage

Wilkins offers a variety of options for soiled linen storage. Our biohazard laundry pads keep more dangerous laundry away from the rest so they get the attention they need. We also provide linen stands, linen carts, and soil houses of many different sizes to properly sort every product. Our soil storage efforts prevent cross-contamination and make our laundry service far more effective.

Floor Care

Linen and uniforms aren’t the only products that need a deep cleaning in medical facilities. Wilkins offers floor mats to prevent dust, grime, or other buildups from spreading throughout the facility. We also offer a variety of mops to help with cleaning around our mats.

Contact Wilkins Linen for More Information

Wilkins’ medical linen solutions for Houston facilities are safe, clean, and readily available. Call us today at 1-866-945-5467 to speak with a customer service representative who will walk you through your options. Interested in a free quote or our other products and services? Fill out this form!

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