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In the health care industry, it’s necessary to wash linens daily. It’s mandatory to have properly sanitized gowns, sheets, blankets, and pillowcases for every patient. Consistent and proper washing is not only hygienic but contributes to a healthy environment to promote faster healing.

How Can Hospitals Benefit from Linen Service?

It’s rather tiresome to collect, wash, and fold hospital linens on a daily basis. This task isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is time-consuming and tedious. A linen service will take care of the linen management headache. Not sure if a linen service is right for you? Here are 3 ways that your healthcare facility will benefit from using a linen service. Share on X

  1. Staff Will Have More Time for Important Projects
  2. Safe, Sanitized Linens Every Time
  3. Less Stress

1) Staff Will Have More Time for Important Projects

The process of washing linens daily is time extensive. From collecting the linens to washing and redistribution, it’s a timely process. If you outsource with a quality linen service, your staff will have more time and energy to dedicate to more demanding duties.

2) Safe, Sanitized Linens Every Time

If overwhelmed employees handling multiple job duties are responsible for washing linens, the standards of cleanliness could be sacrificed. It can be easy for employees to miss something when they’re focused on other responsibilities. Unclean linens can be detrimental to not only your patients but your entire healthcare facility. If you hire a trusted linen supplier to manage the care of hospital bedding, you’re guaranteed clean, sanitized and hygienic linens every time.

3) Less Stress

The process of cleaning linens can cause unnecessary stress to you and your staff. Healthcare employees already have full schedules and adding linen duties on top of that is a lot to ask. It will save you worries and time to outsource your linen needs. 

Pro TIp: A professionally trained linen service will have the knowledge and experience to make linen management a breeze.

A Hygienic Hospital

At Wilkins Linen, we ensure your healthcare facility’s linens are thoroughly sanitized. This will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your patients’ linens are as clean as possible, every time.

What is the process your hospital uses to clean linens? Join the conversation to discuss alternatives!

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