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Disposable linens are quick, simple, and require no cleaning. Although tossing dirty linens in the garbage is easy, it’s contributing to a serious waste problem. Besides being wasteful, disposable linens cost more money over time.

Reusable linens may cost more initially, but the price of buying disposable linens will eventually exceed the price of cloth linens. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about mass amounts of medical waste, reusable textiles can help solve that problem. If you’re trying to decipher between using disposable or reusable linens in a healthcare facility, here are a few considerations. Share on X


Paper gowns are about as comfortable as they sound, and that’s not very. When a patient is facing difficult circumstances, they’ll want to feel cozy and warm, not stiff and scratchy. Many people are choosing healthcare facilities that are making the comfort of their patients a priority by using soft linens. While it may be easy to toss paper gowns away, cloth gowns provide that extra level of relaxation for patients.

Cost Savings

Paper linens may be cheaper initially; however, they will quickly exceed the price of cloth linens. Unlike disposable medical linens, cloth linens have to be purchased once and can be reused, while paper linens have to be purchased continuously throughout the year. If you want to save money in the long run, opt for cloth when possible.

Reduce Waste

Using paper linens contributes to the billions of tons of waste that are just sitting in landfills. Think about it; every time you need to change gowns, examination table covers, and protective covers, they will end up rotting in a dumping ground for years to come.

Pro Tip: If you want to lower your facility’s carbon footprint, consider making the switch from paper to cloth to significantly reduce waste.

Make the Switch

You can’t go wrong with cloth linens. They will save your facility money and reduce waste while providing a higher level of comfort for your patients. At Wilkins, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint while providing the highest quality linens.

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