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An unprecedented challenge like COVID-19 requires unique solutions, and Wilkins Linen is ready to provide them. With temporary medical linen service and short-term contracts available for temporary emergency centers, we’re ready to help. 

No matter your medical linen or uniform needs, or the kind of infections you’ll be treating, Wilkins will support you. We have the inventory to make your temporary emergency efforts a success. 

Here’s what a medical linen service through Wilkins Linen will do for you:

Professional Pathogen Management 

When you get your materials from Wilkins Linen, you know they’re safe and ready for use. Our laundering and preparation procedures ensure that any contaminants that come in on our linens are eliminated. This protection extends to our delivery processes too.

Comprehensive Inventory for Short-Term Response

No matter your medical linen needs, Wilkins Linen is prepared with the inventory to provide for them. Our medical supplies are made to fulfill your business’s unique situation, and we’re prepared to get them to you fast. We have: 

Sheets/Pillowcases and Blankets

Keep your patient comfortable and warm with our top-of-the-line medical linens. 

– Flat sheets
– Satin band flat sheets
-Fitted sheets
– Stretcher sheets
– Draw sheets
– Pillowcases
– Satin band pillowcases
– Bath blankets
– Warming blankets
– Thermal blankets

Patient Gowns

Our gowns are built for comfort and dignity. Keeping patients at ease is helpful in their recovery, and their gowns should allow for that comfort. The variety of gowns we offer include: 

– Side tie gowns
– Mega gowns
– Child gowns
– Psych gowns
– IV gowns 


There’s no replacement for a quality towel. Wilkins Linen has just the quality you’re looking for with the service to ensure they stay quality. 

– Bath towels
– Hand towels
– Microfiber towels
– O.R. towels
– Washcloths

Contact Wilkins Linen Today for High-Quality Healthcare Products

Time is of the essence now more than ever. For a medical linen supply partner who won’t let you down, contact Wilkins Linen today at 1-866-WILKINS, or contact us here

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