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With how many companies there are providing medical linen and uniform service in Texas, picking the right one is tough. The best medical linen and uniform provider in Texas is going to have a history of quality, professional service, but what else? To learn why Wilkins Linen is your Texas medical facility’s best choice for linen and uniform service, read on!

Expert Experience

Wilkins has been around since 1952. That’s decades of experience to get ahead of our competitors. That’s 68 long years of learning, practicing, and perfecting our craft, mastering the trade, and overcoming every obstacle imaginable.

After 68 years, we know the linen and uniform industry. The biggest takeaway we have from all of this experience? Nothing fazes us anymore. The laundering, storage, and transportation processes that cause difficulty for our competitors are second nature to us. We can confidently say our service is smooth, efficient, on-time, and always reliable.


Expertise and experience tell us that we grow with the times – and so does our facility. Over the years, and guided by everything we’ve learned, we know all the benefits that technology has to offer. Our modern and Texas-sized processing plant in downtown Conroe is a testament to depth of our medical linen expertise.

Every piece of equipment and every step of the laundering process is designed to address the complex requirements of maintaining medical linens and garments. From the precise controls to the way we minimize contact, to the pre- and post-handling safeguards that protect against cross-contamination, you have assurance on cleanliness, safety, and efficiency.


It’s not just our own core values and expertise that guide our decisions or operations. We’re also guided by the principles of safety, hygiene, and textile quality set forth for the industry by OSHA, the EPA, and JCAHO.

You can rest easy knowing that your are washed and handled according to the highest safety standards. That’s protection for all of your staff and the patients they care for too.

The assurance of compliance leaves no amount of doubt in your mind, and that’s exactly how we want to make you feel: assured, at peace, and unbothered so you can put all of your focus and energy on improving your facility and patient care experience.

Complete Customer Support

Different medical facilities have different needs. We address those needs to the best of our capacities. We do this by creating custom solutions to suit your facility’s unique needs instead of lumping you in with all of our other customers and giving you cookie cutter services that don’t quite satisfy.

It’s all about listening. It’s about sitting down with you, learning your needs, and exploring the best options to get the best possible outcomes for your facility. Service for us is never complete until you feel completely supported. That is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Experience Texas’ Best with Wilkins Linen Today

We’re here to help your medical facility thrive. Contact Wilkins Linen today at 1-866-WILKINS to get started. 

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