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Finding the right Texas medical uniform service can be daunting and confusing. There are so many things to consider, and so much at stake. Unfortunately, the wrong choice could wreak havoc on your operations and adversely affect the quality of care your patients and residents experience.

Fret not – Wilkins Linen is here. We are the epitome of Texas medical uniform service excellence. Our nearly 70-year industry experience and the skill and competence of our team provide a comprehensive, satisfying result.

Here are some things you can expect from your Wilkins Linen service:

Product Quality

Wilkins Linen understands the value of garment quality, especially in the context of medical care. They play an essential role in the kind and quality of care that medical professionals deliver to their patients. More than that, the uniforms provide the comfort and protection that they need.

That is why Wilkins Linen invests a good chunk of our energy into securing the quality of every piece of medical uniform that we offer. Our quality control protocols are some of the strictest you’ll find in the state, and maybe even the country.

The products that we offer are judged, among other things, for the following criteria: durability, appearance, wearer comfort, and laundering ease.

With Wilkins, you get the top pile of medical uniform selections. We’ve handpicked them for your safety and satisfaction.

Safety Compliance

Wilkins Linen is all about safety. Our services meet the top standards in the state and the country. We have the OSHA, JCAHO, and EPA badges to prove it. You can rest easy knowing that your professionals are wearing garments processed under strict adherence to these standards and guidelines.


Wilkins Linen helps you save money and effort on your medical uniform care. You can say goodbye to frequent and costly repairs and replacements. Additionally, you’ll save on the overhead cost of an in-house laundry facility and the managerial burdens that come with it. You can also look at savings on storage with our weekly delivery service.

Cost-efficiency matters as much to big facilities as much as they do smaller practices, and the quality and reliability of our services bring you exactly that.

Customer Care

Wilkins Linen will treat you like family. We understand the pressure of running a medical facility and caring for patients while making everything work seamlessly and safely. That is why we keep an open and accessible customer care system.

Our customer care service goes beyond taking your orders and reminding you of invoices. We are here to listen to you, to be your partner, and go the extra mile to find solutions that work. Feel that difference with Texas medical uniform service with Wilkins Linen.

Ready to Experience the Wilkins Linen Brand of Excellence?

Call us at (936) 756-8191 or toll-free at 1(866) WILKINS to get started. You may also reach us here for inquiries and price quote requests!


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