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Your hospital linens are vital to your ongoing patient care, daily operations, and, ultimately, your bottom line.  For this reason, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Is it better to keep your linen operations in-house or to outsource them to a third party?

Best Reasons to Outsource Hospital Linens

You may have considered outsourcing your linens before, but weren’t sure if it made sense for your facility. You want to give your patients the best experience consistently. It’s the best way to grow your brand. Outsourcing your hospital linens may be a key component of your patient experience. Consider the following 3 incredible reasons why:

1) Quality Control.

Once you’ve done your homework and chosen a quality health care services provider you can trust, you don’t have to worry about linen quality. Your patients and staff will enjoy high-quality linens every time they need them. This will reinforce the quality of your brand and services.

2) Compliance Made Easy.

Tired of messing with the headache of compliance with all regulations from OSHA and HIPPA? Outsourcing your lines to a linen services provider who specializes in healthcare linens will take this headache off your plate.They will make sure all your linens are collected, washed, and sanitized properly to keep you in compliance.

3) More Cost Effective.

At the end of the day, outsourcing your hospital linens may just make more financial sense. The money you save in utilities, upfront capital investment for equipment, equipment maintenance, associated costs of labor, and maintaining your linen inventory is considerable. Not to mention the additional revenue you could bring in by diverting your laundry time and resources to revenue-generating patient care.

Providing the Best Care

There are many reasons to outsource hospital linens. 3 of the most important reasons are to ensure consistent quality control, staying in compliance, and it’s simply more cost-effective. Give your hospital a competitive advantage. Choose to outsource your linens today.

Wilkins Linen is your Houston area healthcare linens expert. Contact Us for more information on outsourcing hospital linens and other resources.

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