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Your tablecloths, napkins, and other hospitality products are essential to your weekly operations and your bottom line. Though easy to overlook, they affect the dining experience you provide in significant ways. Like the food you serve, quality, consistency, and service are key to your continued success even here.

Essential Benefits of Outsourcing Your Restaurant Linens

Your table cloths, napkins, and other supplies are items you use daily. Tablecloths and napkins are used directly by your customers while cleaning supplies and other items are in the background. All of them make significant contributions to the dining experience you provide your patrons.

1) Quality consistency

By outsourcing your restaurant linens, you’ll have consistency in the quality of your table cloths and napkins. Your linen services provider will maintain the linen inventory for you, ensuring your restaurant linens are always clean and ready to use. They will work with you and your needs to develop an optimal pickup and delivery schedule.

2) Lower utilities expense

By outsourcing your linen maintenance, you no longer have to spend money on washing and drying your linens. You won’t need to invest in machines and your monthly utilities expense should decrease.

3) Better use of resources

You won’t need personnel to clean and maintain your restaurant linens as your linen service company will handle it for you. Instead, you can utilize your staff and other resources on revenue-generating activities such as enhancing your customer experience.

4) Reduce waste and hassle

Using paper napkins and tablecloths generates significant waste each week. Switching to linens reduces your waste output considerably. It removes the need to continuously dispose of and restock tablecloths and napkins. Outsourcing your restaurant linens also removes the hassle of maintaining your linen inventory in house.

5) Enhance your brand

The dining experience you provide begins with what your patrons see as they enter your establishment and get seated. Linen tablecloths and napkins communicate quality, sophistication, and comfort. Your brand depends on delivering this level of quality with consistency week after week. Hiring an excellent linen services provider ensures the optimal level of quality and consistency your brand deserves.

Wilkins Linen Knows Restaurants

You need your tablecloths and napkins to be cleaned and ready to use every time you need them every single day. Your customer’s dining experience depends on quality linens in place every time they visit. Wilkins Linen provides the best quality in linen services and other hospitality products for commercial food service operations. Consider outsourcing your restaurant linens with Wilkins today.

To learn more about our hospitality products and services or to schedule a consultation, Contact Us.

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