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When it comes to things that can make or break a special event, few are as important as the food served. That means that the caterer is one of the most important figures to the success of your event.  A lot can be forgiven on a busy night, but bad food leaves a lingering impression.

What to Look For

Obviously, you want your event to be perfect, and you want to be sure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. But it can be a lot of pressure to find the best caterer for your money. When choosing a catering service, ask yourself the following questions. What is important to you?  Does your menu have any special requirements? Are you willing to gamble on a new chef?  Once you’ve establishes your needs, it’s time to dive in.

1) Offers a Tasting

How can you have confidence in a caterer unless you sample their goods? This will also help you pinpoint exactly what items to include on your menu. This is standard in the catering industry, so if your request is met with hesitation, that may be a red flag.

2) Quick Response Time

Emails and phone calls requesting information should be returned without delay. A good caterer should be responsive and want to know everything there is to know about you and your event.  The more informed they are, the better.

3) Clean Equipment and Uniforms

Take note of their uniforms, cooking utensils and linens. Details like this might seem insignificant, but can signal to problems behind the scenes. For food safety and general aesthetic, linens and uniforms should be crisp and clean. Your caterer should incorporate hospitality services, to ensure that they’re projecting the right image at your event.

4) References

While it’s always good to start checking references online, you may want to get phone numbers. Former customers may not want to rock the boat by airing dissatisfaction online. Perhaps the caterer is a family friend, etc. Talking to references directly may bring out issues not previously disclosed.

5) Experience

A catering service might brag about the number of years they’ve been in business, but what may matter more is the number of years their chef has been in the business. The chef’s background and experience may be more important than the owner of the company.

The Payoff of Choosing the Right Catering Service

Finding the best caterer for your event doesn’t need to cost you sleep, but you do need to approach the process a plan.

Use these simple tips as a guide, but always trust your instincts. If you get a bad feeling or feel that something’s not up to par, move on to another until you find the right fit.

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