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The restaurant industry is equal parts food and hospitality.  The two factors each play a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Hospitality is not only the service you receive but the environment you receive that service in. 

Communication for a Positive Restaurant Experience

Communication plays a huge role in the dining experience. Managers should clearly communicate their expectations to staff, who should communicate effectively to customers. Surprises can be fun on birthdays, but when it comes to food orders or getting a final bill, they’re not a good thing! Here are 5 more ways to improve the dining experience for your customers: 

1) Be Friendly

The customer service and hospitality industries aren’t for everyone. They require a level of care and patience that few have. Make sure you and your staff make every customer feel valued and genuinely cared for.  Friendly faces and kind words can make the dining experience more comfortable for your customers.

2) Attentiveness

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling abandoned by your waitress.  Train staff to be attentive and look out for each other’s tables.  Empty glasses, plates and customers who seem to be looking around should signal wait staff to intervene and offer help.

3) Cleanliness

No matter how good the food is, if the restaurant is dingy or unclean, it reflects poorly on your establishment. Make sure dishes are thoroughly cleaned, floors are swept or vacuumed and bathrooms are pristine. Don’t neglect areas you don’t think customers will see. Behind the scenes should still reflect your standards, and your standards for cleanliness should be sky high!

4) Ambiance

Going out to eat is a social experience. Diners want good food, good service, and a convenient location. Providing beautiful ambiance is a huge bonus that can set your business apart from the rest. The table linens, hospitality products, music, design, and theme combine to create the ambiance of your restaurant.  Choosing these elements thoughtfully can amplify the dining experience.

5) Quality

Quality encompasses everything about your restaurant, from the food to the curb appeal. Don’t give your customers a single reason not to come back. The service should be top-notch, the facility clean, the food delicious and the overall experience positive.

Emphasis on Customer Service

There are many things that restaurant owners and managers can do to improve the hospitality of their restaurant. Remember that turning bad customer reviews around is much more difficult than maintaining positive feedback. Customer service must be emphasized from the beginning and nurtured over time. Wilkins Linen Services has been helping business owners in the hospitality industry for decades. We understand the need to provide stellar customer service and a high-quality experience from start to finish.

To find out how to boost the ambiance and cleanliness of your restaurant, Contact Us.

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