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Think about your best days. They probably all came after a good night’s sleep. The same is true for your guests. Having comfortable sheets is an essential part for any hotel to maintain a good reputation.  But when you’re making the choice between linen products such as cotton vs polyester sheets, which is really the best choice for your hotel and guests?

Cotton Bedding

Cotton is the most desirable choice for bed sheets but why?  Here are just a few reasons why you may be thinking about using cotton bedding in your hotel over polyester, and a few reasons why polyester may be the better choice for your budget.

 Pros for Cotton

  • Healthy because it is natural
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Allows the body to breathe
  • Ousts moisture which helps you stay warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather
  • Gets softer and more comfortable with time
  • Does not pill (form small balls of fibers)

 Cons for Cotton

  • More expensive than polyester
  • Cotton sheets are made of lower quality cotton which can feel “scratchy”
  • Can seem “noisy” (Usually you can hear the rustle of cotton sheets)
  • More prone to wrinkle
  • While washable, it can shrink
  • Over time it can wear thin

Polyester Bedding

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective yet attractive sheet, polyester sheets are the choice for you. However, like anything, there are both pros and cons when it comes to choosing polyester sheets.

 Pros for Polyester

  • Low Tendency to Wrinkle
  • Highly Durable
  • Retains Appearance and Shape
  • Easy to Wash and Dries Quickly
  • Gets Softer and More Comfortable with Time
  • More Cost Efficient than Cotton

Cons for Polyester

  • Synthetic fiber
  • Does not absorb water so it cannot regulate body temperature
  • Prone to pilling
  • Absorbs oil and dirt making it difficult to clean
  • Conducts static electricity thereby attracting dirt, dust, and hair
  • Can irritate sensitive skin

Types of Cotton and Polyester Sheets

Once you’ve carefully weighed cotton vs polyester sheets and made your choice, you’ll want to buy the best sheets for your budget. Here is what you need to know.

 Types of Cotton Sheets

  • Egyptian Cotton – Grown in Egypt, this cotton is the preferred cotton due to its high-quality and comfort.
  • Pima Cotton – Less expensive than Egyptian Cotton and grown in the Southwestern United States. Though less expensive, it’s still high-quality.

 Types of Polyester Sheets

Most polyester sheets are a blend of polyester and one other type of fiber.

  • Polyester/Cotton Blend – The combination of polyester and cotton creates the comfortable feel you are looking for at an affordable price.
  • Polyester/Satin Blend – Creates a smooth and silky feel though not necessarily durable or cost-effective.

What to Look for When Buying Sheets

When you are looking for the best sheets for your hotel whether cotton or polyester, you’ll want to be armed with the knowledge of exactly what you should be looking for. Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Weave This is what affects the way a sheet feels, the way it looks, its durability and price.
  • Finish – Most sheets are treated with chemicals to keep them from losing shape. Finish free sheets are available at a higher price.
  • Dye – Color is applied to sheets after they are woven. Because of this, they may feel stiff until after usage.

Wilkens Linen Can Help With Your Hotel Linen Selection

Choosing the right type of sheets for your hotel is crucial to the way your guests will feel. And, having a linen provider you can trust is helpful for selecting the best products. If you’re ready for a reliable linen provider, Wilkens Linen offers complete linen management services to the Houston area. Contact us today for help selecting your hotel’s linens.

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