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Innovations in technology have transformed nearly every industry in the United States, and hospitality is no exception. Wilkins Linen has been doing business in Houston for decades and has provided valuable assistance to countless hospitality managers. We understand that advancements in technology mean changes to the way you do business.

Technology For The Hospitality Industry

Internet technology has made consumer expectations grow dramatically. 64% of U.S hotel guests polled said that it is extremely important for hotels to invest in technology to enhance their experience. Hotel guests are no longer pleasantly surprised by high tech offerings-they expect them. Share on X

Virtual Assistance

Staying at a hotel often means calling the front desk for assistance, but the person who answers may not be a person at all! More and more hotels are opting for automated answering services to at least route your call to the appropriate department.

Outsourced Linen Service

Gone are the days when you needed your own in-house linen inventory, laundry machinery, and staff. Outsourcing is easier than ever, with linens picked up, laundered and delivered on a regular schedule to take the guesswork out of linen management

Social Media

Social media has drastically changed the relationship between guests and hotel staff. Now guest and prospective guests can share and compare experiences about many aspects of the hotel such as: room rates, service, convenience, and amenities. Furthermore, social media allows visitors to rate the hotel and post reviews online, providing a strong incentive for hotels to step up their offerings.

Service is Still King

Technology is rapidly advancing in the hospitality sector, but it’s no match for the warmth and personality of a friendly hotel concierge or helpful housekeeper. The future of hospitality will offer both human interaction and efficient technologies to best serve both consumers and businesses.

Attract New Customers 

Innovations in technology allow hotel operators to stand out from their competitors, exceed guest expectations and attract new customers. Take advantage of these opportunities to make your establishment shine. 

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