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No matter how attentive your housekeeping staff is, towels and robes will inevitably disappear or be damaged beyond repair. Hotels lose an average of between 5 to 20 percent of their towels alone each month! So what can you do to avoid this massive problem? Tired of your hotel linens disappearing? These tips and tricks can help! Share on X

Avoiding Linen Loss

A little preparation can reduce linen loss and help ensure that your linens stay where they belong. Be clear with your staff and guests, and enforce to your policies. Here are some other tips to protect your linens:

Provide Cleaning Products

If you aren’t providing rags to staff, they’re going to turn to the hand towels and washcloths. Not only does this damage the material, but it can also cause stains, both of which reduce the lifecycle of your textiles. Take the time and resources to make sure your housekeeping staff has the materials they need for cleaning and that guest rooms or suites are equipped with paper towels.

Display Charge Policy in Every Room

Guests frequently take towels and robes because they do not believe they’ll be charged for the items. Prominently displaying the policy for missing linens can help persuade guests from what is essentially stealing. For example: “Items taken from your room are considered purchased, and you will be charged accordingly. Robe: $55, Towels: $12 each…”

Track Weight

Outsourcing your linen service can help tremendously when it comes to mitigating loss. The right commercial linen service will have multiple systems and checkpoints to prevent loss and will provide you with a full accounting of all of your linens. Each delivery should provide you with details of how many pounds are: clean, damaged beyond repair or stained and requiring a special wash.

Pro Tip: Outsourcing your linens provides an additional layer of oversight for tracking and protecting against linen loss.

Protect Your Assets

Wilkins Linen understands that linen loss is a fact of life for hotels and resorts, but there are steps you can take that can help. Outsourcing your linens, providing clear policy guidelines for guests and rags for housekeepers can dramatically decrease your linen loss.

Contact Us to learn more about protecting your linen inventory.

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