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Hotels are back! So many people have already caught the travel bug.

Nothing sounds sweeter than this news – for both travelers and the hospitality industry. As we approach the summer break, it’s fair to expect a vacation surge. Are you ready to open your doors?

How Your Hotel Can Get Tte Most Out of the Vacation Surge

We’ve got some tips on how you can prepare your hotel for the onslaught of this season’s visitors:

Make Your Safety Regulations Clear

Traveling always brings some degree of stress, particularly where regulations are involved. Traveling under the current circumstances doesn’t make it any easier. To avoid confusion that can disrupt operations – and moods – it is essential to make your safety regulations known from the start. Regulations concerning face masks, amenities with limited availability or closures, negative tests, etc. are especially important to emphasize.

Equip Your Employees with Necessary Protections

Your employees are the key to successfully dealing with occupancy increases. Therefore, protecting their health and wellbeing is paramount. Enforce safety precautions that protect your employees from COVID risks, especially those working customer-facing roles.

This includes installing barriers in bars and desks, as well as providing face masks and other protective items.

Strengthen Your Linen Supply

Surges in occupancy translate to surges in your linen demand. In a world just emerging from a pandemic, however, the demand is even bigger, and the stakes are higher. Guests will be apprehensive and more meticulous about the condition and cleanliness of their linens more than ever. You can also expect your guests to request more frequent linen changes throughout their stay.

You need stronger, more efficient linen solutions if you are to keep up with these demands.

Improve Hygiene

Consistent hygienic practice is still one of the most effective ways to protect against communicable diseases. And this applies to your guests and employees alike. Your hotel needs strong and effective hygienic systems to keep up with the volume surge this season.

Here are some ways you can ensure this:

  • Invest in stronger cleaning solutions.
  • Enforce multiple cleaning schedules in common areas throughout the day.
  • Put more emphasis on cleaning communal and high-touch areas, i.e., elevators, lobbies, common restrooms, dining areas, gyms and gym equipment, buttons, and remote controls, etc.
  • Encourage better hand hygiene by making hand sanitizing and handwashing stations more accessible. The aforementioned high-touch and communal areas should have at least one hand sanitizer dispenser. If possible, handy bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizers should be added to your toiletry kits.

Prepare for the Vacation Surge with Wilkins Linen

This period ahead is as exciting as it is challenging. Wilkins Linen is your partner in getting your business ready for the 2021 vacation surge crowd.

We have services and products that can help your facility get ahead of the demands and satisfy your guests’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Talk to us today by calling 1(866) WILKINS to find out about how our linen service and facility service programs in Texas can help you. You may also send us your requests and inquiries via email at info@wilkinslinen.com!



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