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Having events catered at large hotels is popular in the business world. Companies want to make a statement to clients, prospects, and employees. Your choice in linens may seem like a small detail, but the truth is it makes a huge impact.

Linens and Catering

There’s a lot more to a good catering service than the quality of food options. Reliability is important, consistency, and don’t forget about customer service. Your choice in linens is crucial to the overall quality of your catering service.

1) People eat with their eyes.

It’s true. People really do eat with their eyes. Their first encounter with your food is what they see. You want to make sure you’re serving their eyes AND their palates.

2) Cloth absorbs spills better.

It’s no secret cloth is much more absorbent than paper. Spilling a dark beverage on a linen tablecloth will contain the spill much more effectively than paper. This is good for you and your guests. It’s much easier to clean up for you and it saves your guests from soiling and potentially staining their clothes. Working with a quality linen services provider will also help you manage your linen inventory more effectively.

3) Expense issues.

If you’re using paper tablecloths and napkins, you’re throwing away a significant amount of paper with each event you host. Over time, this could represent significant savings by switching to reusable linen tablecloths. It’s also better for the environment.

4) All about your brand.

What brand statement do you want to make when you cater an event? Whether it’s high-end, casual, or somewhere between, your choice in linens is a huge part. Quality is important. What statement are you making?

5) The atmosphere you create.

Your choice in linens impacts the atmosphere you create when you cater. The atmosphere is a large part of your guests’ dining experience. Just as the visual is important, so is how they feel as they sit down and begin to eat. Linen choice seems subtle, but its impact is huge. Are you going for more of a high-end look and feel? Or is it a bit more casual? Whichever it is, your linen choice matters. Think about quality, color, and aesthetics. What they feel is just as important as what they see and what they eat.

The Linen Factor

Your linens may be something you haven’t thought about as much as other things. They are, after all, a subtle common detail of any dining experience. It’s easy to overlook their importance. However, they’re crucial to the dining experience you provide. Give your clients and guests the best experience possible. Get started with this guide to linens and catering.

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