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Rental lines for hospitality businesses are better than customer-owned goods (COGs). The COG materials businesses use and self-launder, such as linens, mats, mops or otherwise, get dirty and degrade quickly if not consistently cared for.  a viable option for businesses of a certain size,  for businesses that need them, can’t come close to the consistent quality that comes from rental services.

Detriments of COGs

COGs may seem like the best option for many businesses. However, they need to consider these three major detriments before making that decision:

They Are the Owner’s Full Responsibility

Whatever products businesses purchase for themselves, they are completely on their own afterward. There’s no help fixing it, no escape from repair and replacement costs, and certainly no guarantee those products will last indefinitely. 

Cost More Than Rentals in the Long Run

On top of higher upfront costs, there are several other financial burdens that come with COGs. Businesses have to pay for their own maintenance which requires either hiring new staff or outsourcing to a different service in addition to what is already being paid for the products. Depending on the linen in question, this also means there’s more risk of staff or customer harm or discomfort and also of other potential maintenance costs like floor repairs to consider.

No Supply Consistency

One-and-done purchases mean that businesses have to keep on top of their own stock to prevent shortages. That may sound simple enough, but it’s very easy for linen loss to occur in a variety of ways in the hospitality industry. Patients take them home, staff throws them out, and laundry mixups occur regularly.

Wilkins Linen Has the Hospitality Rental Linens You Need!

With Wilkins, you can rest assured that not only are you receiving a quality rental service but that linen quality is just as good if not better than with COGs. We have spent almost half a century in the industry helping our clients avoid the pitfalls of COGs. Here’s how: 

  • Maintenance: Wilkins’ rental service also comes with professional laundering and maintenance services. Since our clients don’t own our linens, we take it upon ourselves to ensure they’re long-lasting quality. This includes thorough cleaning and comprehensive repairs that keep linens as fresh as if they were new.  
  • Affordability: Wilkins cares deeply about keeping our customers happy because we understand the importance of customer retention. We achieve this in several different ways but the most important is our affordable pricing. We give our clients the best value for their money by giving them the most competitive rates possible for our high-quality products. 
  • Steady Supply: Yet another reason rental linens for hospitality businesses are better than COGs is that they are sustainable in the long run. Our products are maintained to be continually reusable and we keep everything stocked ourselves. This ensures that no matter how linen loss occurs, we immediately take care of it so our clients have nothing to worry about. 

Contact Wilkins Today!

Still wondering if rental linens for hospitality businesses are better than COGs? Rentals come with maintenance, lower rates, and a steady supply. The question practically answers itself! Start today by calling us at 1-866-WILKINS or by contacting us here

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