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Branding is important for businesses of any size. It’s vital to get your company’s name and logo out there so that it’s visible to the public. Think about all the famous company logos that you know of and how you see them on a regular basis in a number of different formats. Many times you are able to recognize the logo right away even before you read the company’s name.


If you want your business to get the recognition it deserves, you can use custom branded floor mats as a branding technique. Placing mats with your company logo on the inside or outside of your building’s doorway will instantly catch the eye of your current customers as well as any potential customer that happen to walk by.

Why Should You Use Custom Floor Mats?

Consider these advantages that your business could benefit from by using a custom branded mat in the office.

Low-Cost Advertising Solution

Advertising can cost your company thousands of dollars over time and that is why many business owners turn to cost-effective solutions such as custom floor mats to get their name out there. You do not have to pay out a fortune to have a few custom floor mats made and they will be just as effective in getting your brand and logo recognized by the public as any other form of advertising.

Strong, Durable and Functionalcustom floor mats

There’s more than one benefit that comes along with having a door mat custom made with your company’s logo. While it serves the purpose of getting your brand seen by others, this strong and durable floor mat is also a functional piece that will help to keep your flooring dry on rainy days and keep your customers safe from slips and falls at the same time.

Raises Brand Awareness

When running a business it is very important to get your brand noticed so that people can see it and become familiar with your logo. They may not always be able to remember the name of your company, but when a new customer is in need of your services, they can easily recall the logo, which is why a custom branded floor mat is a great marketing product!

We Can Help

Wilkins Linen can provide you with custom door mats in any size and personalized with your business’ logo and name. Contact us today to order your mat and to learn more about our industrial textile products  and linen management services in Houston.

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