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Every business and industry will face challenges that require new thinking and innovation to stay relevant, and commercial laundry service is no different. Customer expectations are very high when it comes to commercial laundry, with the bar set to fast service and spotless linens.  Trends matter, even in the commercial laundry business! Here are some innovations changing the industry. Share on X

Commercial Laundry Service

Depending on the industry, outsourcing laundry will ensure that linens are cleaned according to local, federal and OSHA regulations. While that was once the biggest perk to commercial laundry services, there are new considerations.

  1. Instant Feedback
  2. Technology
  3. Eco-friendly Products

1) Instant Feedback

Even if your products and services are resonating well with your customers, avoid the urge to switch to autopilot. Remember that even if you could, your competition certainly won’t be checked out. For continued success in your business, you must be willing to change and adapt based on the feedback your customers provide. For example, if you get a 1 star review because of dirty table linens, you just lost a customer. However, if you encourage feedback from your customers you could have caught the complaint the moment it happened, apologized and made it right, thus eliminating the need for anyone to leave a bad review.

Pro Tip: Encourage customers to come to you with negative feedback, so that you can handle it offline.

2) Technology

Smart technology should streamline your processes, provide tracking that will allow businesses to measure the economic life of linens more accurately as well as take measures to protect against linen loss. Technology also helps us measure resources, chemicals, and electricity usage. Analytics should provide detailed reporting and analysis so business owners can have a more efficient method for eliminating waste and inefficiencies.

3) Eco-Friendly Products

Commercial laundry is a multi-step process that requires linen collection, sorting, and processing in large batches. Much of the detergents used are quite toxic, and require excessive water usage to get them spotless. New Eco-friendly products use natural ingredients and smarter applications in harmony with energy-efficient machines that wash with less water and less time, without compromising cleaning power.

Wilkins Linen

As every small business owner knows, you always have to make sure your business is represented with quality products and professional employees. It is also critical to make decisions that boost productivity, while lower costs. Wilkins Linen understands the unique challenges business owners face, and we embrace the kinds of innovations that make us a staple in the Houston area.

Contact Us to learn more about how our processes work for you.

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