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Businesses evolve, and over time you might find that the way you do things is simply based on habits. This can be good or bad. Look honestly at the way your business operates at every level to see if there are things that could be improved simply by eliminating some of the bad habits that you developed over time. Do you have some bad business habits? While they might seem small, they can lead to big problems. Share on X

Identifying Area of Improvement

Identifying area of improvement is basically just taking stock of your greatest weakness. What tasks or processes are falling behind, lack organization or frequently experience problems? These are your areas of improvement that either need to be overhauled or outsourced.

Trying to Do It All

Try as you might, there are simply too many factors of business management for you to handle them all. Take stock of what you and your team are doing well, and what’s falling through the cracks, and consider outsourcing those things. Wilkins Linen understands the unique challenges associated with facility or business ownership. You may not be able to juggle it all, but we can take linen management off your plate so you can focus on growing your business.


Resist the urge to micromanage your employees. Micromanagement breeds resentment, as it’s both a demonstration of distrust and an interference with healthy work patterns. While you’re at it, stop micromanaging other aspects of your business too; as an example, reviewing your site traffic every day isn’t going to help you see long-term trends.

Being Reactive

The “break and fix” method of business fails to ever address the fundamental issues that keep causing problems. Think of it as putting duct tape on leaks in your roof. It might stop the leak for the moment, but the problem isn’t fixed and will only get worse and repeat. Instead of being reactive in your facility or business, be proactive, addressing potential issues before they become big problems.

Reversing the Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Business

The way you work is often dictated by old habits. Just because you have been doing something for 10 years doesn’t make it efficient or even functional. Changing old business habits takes time, energy and a real commitment, but at the end of the day you are the one who will benefit the most from improving the way you work.

Contact Us to learn more about changing bad business habits and improving your operations.

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