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A tablecloth is more than just a covering for your restaurant tables. The right table linens can help you create a look that gives an impressive first impression. Tablecloths and restaurant linens come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. From upscale dining to a simple cafe, linens add flavor and contribute to the ambiance of any restaurant. How do you choose the right table linens for your restaurant? Here are some helpful recommendations. Share on X

Guide to Restaurant Linens

The type of linens you opt for will vary depending on what type of image you’re shooting for. Using high end or classic linens in a casual cafe might make it seem stuffy and out of place, while using fun, casual linens in a fine dining setting seems just as strange. Use this restaurant guide for the best recommendations:

  1. Casual
  2. Fine Dining
  3. Outdoor Seating
  4. Event Dining

1) Casual

Casual dining settings are typically more cheerful and happy, without pretentious decor and with plenty of creative accents. Linens aren’t restricted to simple whites or creams, and can include fun colors and patterns.

2) Fine Dining

An elegant, fine dining atmosphere should feature white linens made of heavy premium cotton, as well as extra layering and crisp cloth napkins. Stay away from patterns for bright colors that can fade or fall out of style.

Pro Tip: When choosing table linens for your restaurant, opt for subtlety. You can’t go wrong with neutral tones, white or cream.

3) Outdoor Seating

Outdoor dining should either incorporate a heavy linen tablecloth or no tablecloth at all. Fabric napkins weighted down with napkin rings to ensure they don’t blow away.

4) Event Dining

Event dining is unique in that the ambiance must travel. Catered events should be no less comfortable and elegant than a stationary restaurant. Because the tables and chairs are temporary, the linens need to really shine.

Thread Count

Linens of a high thread count are made with finer threads, creating a smoother fabric. However, the finer threads are also not as durable. Since your table linens need to be durable and long-lasting as well as attractive, a thread count of around 400 provides a good balance between luxury and durability.

Wilkins Linen

Restaurant decor can make or break the overall appearance, and linens are no exception. Make the best first impression with clean linens provided by Wilkins Linen. 

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