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Your hotel linens play a huge part in your customer experience. The quality of linens can turn an otherwise good stay into an excellent stay or even a poor one. The importance of the quality and cleanliness of your hotel linens simply can’t be overstated.

How Outsourcing Hotel Linens Will Benefit You

The crucial role linens play in your overall customer experience necessitates quality not only in linen choice but linen maintenance and care as well. Working with a linen services provider may also give you access to other high-quality hospitality products and services. Consider the following 5 ways outsourcing your hotel linens could benefit your business.

1) Streamline operations.

You’re in the hospitality business, not laundry. Outsourcing your linen services to an outside party allows you to focus on what you do best. You can appropriate more of your time and resources to improving your overall services and customer experience.

2) Cut big costs.

You don’t have to buy expensive laundry equipment or the inventory necessary to keep your linens fresh and available when you need them. You will also save money on the cost of maintaining and repairing laundry machines and linens. Finally, you’ll save money each month on the utility and labor costs of doing your laundry in-house.

3) Utilize space better.

Since you won’t have to maintain a linen inventory nor house laundry cleaning equipment, you can utilize your space in better ways. You can engage more of your space with revenue-generating activities.

4) Quality control.

When you choose the right linen services company, you can expect the highest level of quality every single time. They will pick up your soiled linens, wash them, sort them, fold them, and return them to you promptly. Due to the sheer volume of linen cleaning they do all day every day, a linen management company will typically invest in higher quality machines and linens. This translates to quality consistency for you and your guests.

5) Kinder to the environment.

Higher quality machines typically also mean they are more energy-efficient. With better machines and higher volume washing, they are also able to get the most out of worker labor. Overall, you will be helping to conserve water, detergents, and use of electricity.

Giving Your Guests Nothing But the Best

At the end of the day, your guest experience is your business. How they feel when they first arrive, while they stay, and as they leave your locations determines your brand awareness. Your linens play a key role in overall customer satisfaction. Consider outsourcing hotel linens as a great way to improve your guest experience and boost your brand.

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