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Your linens are integral to your daily and weekly operations. It’s important to have a sufficient amount of quality commercial linens on hand at all times. Sometimes, though, with such high use volumes, they wear quickly. Take steps to ensure your commercial linens will last as long as possible.

Essential Tips to Make Commercial Linens Last Longer

You don’t want to run out of linens in the hour of need, especially if it’s preventable. Your customers, patients, or clients may not be inclined to return. They may likely also give you poor reviews either online or by word of mouth. One way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by making your linens last longer. Get started with the following guide.

1) Quality goes a long way.

No matter how well you clean and care for your linens, poor quality linens won’t last long in a commercial setting. Make sure you’re using high-quality linens that will endure all the use and cleaning for years to come. While linen thread count plays a part, there’s much more to quality linens. You’ll need to consider the type of material, durability, feel, and thread count, among other things.

2) Keep an adequate inventory.

Keeping more linens in inventory than you actually need will prevent them from wearing quickly. It will reduce each linen’s frequency of use, keeping them in good condition as long as possible. It will also reduce the frequency of your need to wash your linens. This saves them from the wear and tear of more frequent washings. Besides, you will never run out when you need them.

3) Treat your linens well.

Make sure you’re following proper care instructions. Treat stains quickly. Don’t let linens remain in bins where mildew can grow. Washing them in hot water will wear them much more quickly, so wash them in warm water. Never overfill or underfill your washing machine. Both lead to faster wear. It should be filled to about 80% capacity.

4) Keep adequate equipment.

Older machines typically have longer wash cycles, which contributes to faster wear and tear. Newer systems are built with improved technology to reduce the wear and tear on linens. Polymer-bead based washing systems are designed to wash at lower temperatures, use fewer chemicals, and use a gentler motion. Make sure your machines are suitable for long lasting linens.

5) Maintain your washing machine

Keep your washing machine clean and well maintained. To clean it, run your washer on a large load cycle with a cup of bleach. You will prevent mold and mildew from growing between cycles. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and care. Worn out machines may damage or wear your linens more quickly.

Consider Commercial Linen Services

Keeping your linens in top quality and ready to use can seem overwhelming. You may not have the time it takes to clean and maintain an adequate inventory. Commercial linen services are one way you can get the most out of your linens. Your linen services provider will take care of all the cleaning and maintenance for you. You won’t have to worry about maintaining an inventory or buying and caring for your own equipment. It’s a lifesaver for many organizations. That way you can focus on more important things.

Longer Lasting Saves Money

Your linens make an impression on your customers, patients, or clients. The look, feel, and availability of your commercial linens will either enhance your reputation or damage it. Make sure your linens last as long as they can. Use these 5 tips to make commercial linens last longer as a starting point.  
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