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What do the non-food aspects of your restaurant communicate to your guests and visitors? Their experience begins with the look and feel of your facility as they drive up. And everything they see, touch, taste, and hear contributes to their experience dining with you. This includes your tablecloths and napkins.

7 Reasons to Choose Linen Tablecloths and Napkins

Your tablecloths and napkins are a vital piece of your patron experience. They set the tone for the meal they’re about to have together. They can detract from or enhance their overall experience. Consider these 7 reasons to choose linen tablecloths and napkins.

1) People eat with their eyes first.

People’s experience at your restaurant begins with what they see. Linen tablecloths are more elegant and make your restaurant feel like it’s higher quality. Your tablecloths and napkins serve as a backdrop to present your food on. At the end of the day, most people think food served with linens tastes better.

2) Keep it clean.

Covering your tables with linen tablecloths is much more sanitary than having no covering at all. After every patron leaves your establishment, everything on the table, including the tablecloths, is removed and replenished. This keeps your tables clean from bacteria. Your tablecloths can then be washed before being used again.

3) Spills are absorbed and contained.

If a patron or their kids causes a spill on a bare table, it spreads quickly, dripping off the table onto the chair, your guests, and the floor. A paper tablecloth may absorb and slow some of the spill, but cloth always does it better. In the restaurant business, spills are inevitable. Why not lessen the chances one of your guests will ruin a dress, pants, or shirt? Cloth table linens will absorb and contain the stain for easier cleanup and a much smaller mess.

4) Create a much quieter dining experience.

Having a nice dinner in a restaurant is a lot about the ambiance and environment. One way this experience can be ruined is with too much noise. Another great advantage to linen tablecloths is they absorb sound and reduce background noise. Hard surfaces will amplify the sounds in your restaurant. Many patrons won’t even consider a restaurant that is too noisy. Ease of conversation is a must in any restaurant.

5) Keep your restaurant eco-friendly.

Cloth napkins and tablecloths last a long time. If you’re using paper, guests to your restaurant typically use more than one cloth napkin per meal. Often it’s as much as 5 per person per meal. Think about how much paper waste you’re generating daily and weekly. Using linen tablecloths and napkins is much more environmentally friendly.

6) Linens are cost-effective.

High-quality commercial table linens will last a long while with proper care and cleaning. Utilizing a linen services provider for your table linen maintenance and care will save you the cost of investing in the necessary machines and personnel for cleaning and inventory maintenance.

7) Invest in your brand.

Using commercial table linens is an investment in your restaurant brand. Creating an elegant table setting, a quieter dining experience, and having environmental consciousness are all part of your brand. Your patrons don’t just eat your food, they experience your brand.

The Wilkins Linen Advantage

You don’t just serve food, you serve an experience. Everything comes into play from your restaurant design to your bathrooms, servers, and your table linens. Create the style and branding you want with high-quality commercial linen tablecloths and napkins. Wilkins Linen is your Houston area resource for restaurant linens and other hospitality products and services. Contact Us for more information on enhancing your restaurant style with linen services.

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