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Operating a hospital, resort, hotel, restaurant, club, or an inn comes with its own unique costs and challenges. Along with staffing and utility costs, you must deal with hospitality expenses such as processing laundry. While most hospitality businesses keep these services in-house, many of them would find outsourcing their laundry services more cost effective.

Linen management does not have to be as expensive as it usually is. It does not matter if you rent or own your laundry equipment. You can significantly cut your laundry budget by outsourcing the service to a professional linen service. Professional laundry services also help you stay compliant and accountable with regulations and inspectors, allowing you to concentrate on improving your management and patient care.

Outsourcing Linen Can Bring Significant Savings

Professional laundry services provide the cost savings you need when reimbursements decline and your other costs increase. By outsourcing your linen, you immediately lower your inventory purchasing and maintenance costs. It also reduces your utility, energy, equipment maintenance and repair, and productivity costs. It also helps control your insurance costs by eliminating potential hazards, injurys, and fire risks that you would otherwise have to deal with. Your linen services would take care of these expenses for you.

Compliant, Quality, Economies of Scale and Sustainable Operations

Anything that makes you more compliant to JCAHO, OSHA, and other industry and government regulations is always a good thing, and proper outsourcing your laundry services can do that. Outsourcing gives you good quality, hygienic linen delivered to where you need them on time and in the quantities you need. As long as you work with a trusted, reliable linen service, you can rest assured that everything you give your customers and employees will pass all inspections without issue, saving you time and money.

Accountable and Easily Maintained Inventory

While linens are necessary for your business, outsourcing your laundry service will help you maintain your inventory. Your linen service will take care of your linen inventory and maintenance allowing you to focus on your management and customers. Outsourcing also keeps your inventory accountable. All reputable linen services can monitor and track your linen usage, giving you valuable insight on linen use, overuse, and where you can improve things to save more on your linen costs.

Linen management doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you have to do Is outsource your laundry services to save the time and money you need and stay under budget while remaining compliant with all regulations. To see how much you can save, contact us. We will show how to maintain customer care with our clean and professional quality linen services.

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