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Every business is constantly trying to streamline their processes and cut costs, and there can be a lot of time and money saved when it comes to linens for hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. Cutting unnecessary linen costs helps keep your business running more efficiently and helps your business be more environmentally friendly, too. Share on X

Cutting Unnecessary Linen Costs

You might not know it, but a lot of money can be saved when you keep your linen supply under strict scrutiny. There are numerous ways to save money each month by cutting unnecessary linen costs. Here are a few examples to get you started saving money.

Tight Inventory

Eliminate linen hoarding and set up benchmarking so it is clear what costs are being incurred, as well as the utilization of linens. It is important to measure linen use to cut back on excess linen use. Tracking usage of clean laundry, as well as the percentage of product, removed and required rewashing is imperative to know when trying to cut costs.

Create a Linen Committee

In order to stay on top of inventory and benchmarking, it’s a good idea to create a linen committee to truly understand the costs and related linen issues. The committee would be in charge of creating and reviewing policies of linen related issues, and make sure all OSHA’s linen guidelines are being followed.

Educate the Staff

Once your inventory and benchmarking are set up, as well as a committee to oversee it all, you also need to make sure the staff is well educated on the system. Explain how a linen usage reduction benefits not only the company but them, too. Show them the process and make sure they stay accountable for following procedures.

Reduce Excess Waste

If you are looking to cut costs, reducing excess wastes is one of the top ways to do so. Refrain from handing out unnecessary linens to guest until requested. Promote a linen reject bag to eliminate unneeded rewashing, and assertively promote a green linen philosophy to your guests and employees.

Linen Management

Wilkins Linen & Dust Control Service understands that as a business you must cut costs without sacrificing quality. One of the best ways to reduce waste, keep track of inventory, and cut costs, is to hire a linen management service to handle your linens. Linen management can become time-consuming and require more employees to manage the linen committee. By letting a professional linen management service take over, you take the stress out of managing it in-house. 

Linen Management for Cutting Costs

Linen cleaning equipment can be expensive to operate and upkeep and without a proper management system or committee, you might be losing more than you know. By educating your staff, keeping tight inventory and benchmarking, as well as reducing excess waste, you will find savings for your facility, or take all the stress and struggle out, and contact us to let us handle all your linen management needs to start saving money and time.

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